Inside Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience Just A Short Drive From Lancashire

Something magical is happening just a short drive from Lancashire.

The Harry Potter franchise suddenly Apparated as if transported by the Ministry of Magic.

The official Warner Brothers attraction recreates the dreaded Forbidden Forest from JK Rowling’s bestselling novels.

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Packed with breathtaking special effects, the attraction opens to the public this week before the next mid-term break and it takes around 60-90 minutes to complete.

From the moment you step out of your car, the magic of Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience can be felt.

You can hear iconic Harry Potter music and see twinkling lights a mile away guiding you to the trail, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Hagrid and Fang can be found on the Magic Trail

There are many magical creatures from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films hidden in the forest that come to life with special effects, lights and sounds.

Your journey through the Forbidden Forest begins with a guide giving a brief safety talk before using Dumbledore’s iconic deluminator to light up the start and get you on the right track.

Sound effects, music from the iconic Harry Potter movies and scenes can be heard along the way. It can be a bit scary in some places due to the sounds of dark creatures heard in the distance, so keep an eye out for young children.

There are plenty of interactive photo opportunities out there, including gaining Buckbeak’s trust and posing with chopsticks that make you feel like you’re fighting each other.

Can you earn Buckbeak's trust?
Can you earn Buckbeak’s trust?

Of course, no Forbidden Forest trail would be complete without Aragog’s lair. Come face to face with Hagrid’s giant spider friend and there are some little surprises in her lair too. As Argus Filch once said, you have to have your cool …

If you don’t like spiders, don’t worry, you can walk around Aragog’s lair.

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In addition to the trail itself, there are themed food and drink stalls at the start, middle, and end of the walk as well as restrooms and picnic benches.

This includes a butter beer bar selling the iconic drink. It tastes like delicious sweet caramel and you can buy a bottle of it with a souvenir mug of butter beer for £ 9.

The Weasleys' flying car sits along the trail
The Weasleys’ flying car sits along the trail

After the trail you enter a village where the majority of the food and drink stalls are.

The finale of Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is spectacular and is bound to leave you in awe and perhaps a little emotional. But that’s all we’ll say!

Overall the trail is a must see for Harry Potter fans. Kids will love it, but adults will feel just as dizzy. It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane to relive the magic of the movies and see iconic moments come to life.

There are a lot of food and drink stalls in the village at the end of the path
There are a lot of food and drink stalls in the village at the end of the path

The path is very muddy in places so we recommend that you wear boots or rubber boots. Be careful when driving through Arley Hall & Gardens as the road is very dark, long and winding.

There are a few large parking lots over fields of grass and gravel which all look the same and are poorly lit so take note of where you park.

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience opens to the public on Saturday, October 16, and tickets are on sale now. Prices start from £ 19.

Arley Hall & Gardens is located in Arley, Northwich, CW9 6NA.

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