“In a way, I got out of it”

For Emma Watson, going to college has always been part of the plan. Like her most famous character, Hermione Granger, the actress loved to learn and was thirsty for knowledge. In fact, she almost left the Harry potter franchise in order to continue his studies. Yet when she announced that she was taking acting leave to attend Brown University, many people were shocked.

Featured in all eight Harry potter the films guaranteed that Watson would always be for life. She has earned millions of dollars in the 10 years she has been shooting and promoting the films. Plus, the movies made her a household name, so she had no shortage of outright offers to keep staring in movies and TV shows. Thus, many wondered why she chose to go to college, a place where most people go to find their career path.

Emma Watson | AP Photo / Alberto Pezzali, swimming pool

Emma Watson really enjoyed her time at Brown University

But attending Brown University was a wonderful experience for Watson. There she was able to shed some of her celebrity skin and be just another student. She was able to make friends, participate in school plays, go to parties and take classes like everyone else.

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Going to college gave Watson a sense of normalcy; something she hadn’t had since she was 9 years old. She was determined to be treated like any other student. In an interview with GQ, Watson shared that his need for normalcy had actually caused him to behave very ambitiously.

‘Harry Potter’ alum reveals most ambitious thing she’s done in college

“Even in college, I went everywhere completely on my own, which in hindsight was probably a pretty ambitious thing that I tried to do there, but somehow I got away with it, ”Watson said. “There were times when I felt stressed and anxious and I probably could have done it with a little more support. At the same time, I prefer to make my own mistakes and learn what I need. I think it’s so easy when you become famous to disengage from having a life and that can make some things really dangerous.

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But even after graduating from Brown, Watson continued to strive for a sense of normalcy in his day to day life. Even though she doesn’t go everywhere completely on her own anymore, she also doesn’t have a bodyguard like other celebrities with her level of fame. And even if the Little woman alum has stalkers, she doesn’t let that stop her from living her life.

Watson doesn’t let fans or even stalkers stop him from living his life

“They just tend to be caught up people, who don’t really realize what they’re doing, and I think it’s really important that I don’t allow that to isolate myself further, to be another reason.” why I shouldn’t go out there and meet people or walk down the street, ”Watson said of the stalkers. “Weird guys sometimes go too far, and that’s it. I just keep a friend with me. I don’t have a full time security guard or anything like that.

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Obviously, Watson learned to protect himself while still enjoying his life. And while going to college everywhere on her own was a bit risky, it seemed to have worked out well for her.

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