How to Stream and Watch All “Harry Potter” Movies

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  • All eight “Harry Potter” films are now available on HBO Max and Peacock for a limited time.
  • The first four movies are free to watch on Peacock, but the others require Peacock Premium ($ 5 / month).
  • You can also watch all the movies on HBO Max until the end of June; plans start at $ 10 / month.

For fans of the “Harry Potter” movie franchise, subscription streaming options are surprisingly hard to come by.

The series tends to go back and forth between two main streaming services: HBO Max and Peacock. While the movies are usually available on one platform or another, you can currently watch the entire series on both streaming services.

Popular fantasy films are set in the Harry Potter universe, where wizards and people without magical abilities (Muggles) coexist. Throughout the series, viewers follow the protagonist, Harry, and his two friends, Hermione and Ron, as they progress through their formative years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchcraft. Along the way, Harry meets allies and enemies, hones his magic, and unlocks his fate.

If you’re an existing fan or just someone who wants to watch the movies for the first time, we’ve detailed all of the “Harry Potter” streaming options below.

How to Watch All “Harry Potter” Movies

The “Harry Potter” movies are now available to stream on HBO Max and Peacock for a limited time. Typically, movies are only available on one service or the other at the same time, so this is a rare situation.

Movies come and go frequently throughout the year, so they won’t stay on either service indefinitely. Peacock has not revealed when the films will be deleted, but WarnerMedia has announced that the “Harry Potter” films will be leaving.

end of June.

Until then, all eight “Harry Potter” movies are available through HBO Max with an ad-free ($ 15 / month) or ad-supported ($ 10 / month) plan. The streaming service introduced its ad-supported plan in June, and it includes almost everything you can watch with the more expensive plan. That said, the cheapest subscription doesn’t include new releases from Warner Bros. when they make their theatrical debut. To broadcast these premieres at home, you need the ad-free package.

Meanwhile, the first four “Harry Potter” movies are also available to watch with Peacock’s ad-supported free plan. To stream all eight films, however, fans will need to get either a Peacock Premium plan ($ 5 / month) or a Peacock Premium Plus plan ($ 10 / month).

The Peacock Premium plan still includes commercial breaks during movies and shows, but, for an additional $ 5 per month, Peacock Premium Plus offers ad-free streaming. Both plans come with a seven-day trial. Xfinity Cable and Internet subscribers can also get Peacock Premium for free with their subscriptions.

How to rent “Harry Potter” movies

In addition to streaming on Peacock and HBO Max, fans can also rent or purchase each “Harry Potter” movie by movie through digital rental services. Some of these services include Amazon, RedBox, FandangoNow, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

The price of the series varies by service, but most movies start at $ 4 to rent or $ 15 to buy.

For those new to digital rental services, check out our guide on how to rent movies online.

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