How Percy Jackson Is Different In The New Disney+ Show According To The Actor

Walker Scobell reveals that Disney+’s Percy Jackson series will portray the main character as much less calm, whom he describes as “Poseidon’s rage”.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Star Walker Scobell reveals that his version of the main character will be quite different in the new series from what audiences are used to. The Percy Jackson the franchise began with Rick Riordan’s novel in 2005 The Lightning Thief, which introduced the title character, who learns that he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon and begins training at Camp Half-Blood to harness his powers and help save the world. This book spawned a series that now includes five novels, as well as several spin-off series from multiple novels, including The Heroes of Olympus and Apollo’s Trials. The first book was also adapted into a successful film by Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone director Chris Columbus in 2010, which was followed by the 2013 sequel Percy Jackson: sea ​​of ​​monsters.


Now, nearly a decade after the franchise’s live-action branch ended, Percy Jackson returns to the screen in an all-new Disney+ series, set to premiere on the streaming service most likely. in early 2024. Season 1 will again adapt The Lightning Thief, with all other seasons slated to cover subsequent books in the series. Scobell stars in the title role alongside Leah Sava Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri as castmates Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. The series, which began filming in June, is presented by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Dan Shotz, who previously collaborated on black sails and the Jeff Bridges FX series The old man.

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Recently, Scobell and Owen Wilson sat down for an interview with in addition about their new family movie Secret headquarters. During the conversation, the subject naturally turned to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Scobell revealed that there’s one way his character is significantly different from previous iterations. He teased that the character was much less calm than previous versions of the character, saying he had “Poseidon’s Wrathand that’s something he really enjoys playing the role. Check out his full quote below:

In the other iterations, he was pretty quiet all the time. But in this one, mine, he really, how shall I say… Poseidon’s fury, I guess? He gets quite angry, and I really like that.

It looks like this version of Percy Jackson is going to attempt to be more realistic about how a child going through puberty might possibly react to such a difficult situation. It’s not often that epic science fiction or young adult fantasy texts cover this topic. The most direct comparison might be Harry Potter trying to deal with his growing hormonal anger in the 2003 novel The order of the Phoenixa plot that was significantly scaled back for the 2007 film adaptation.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians clearly already finds a way to stand out from the pack. While the series can’t entirely avoid being compared to the film version, which starred Logan Lerman, it does claim the franchise with an all-new Percy. It seems unlikely that the new Percy’s wrath will be entirely wrathful, given he’s the title character of a Disney show, but it’s certainly an intriguing new direction for the story to take that will make for some interesting exploration of the story. a character who has all the rights. be angry with the world around him.

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