How did Harry Potter’s parents get so rich?

Harry Potter comes from a long line of wizards, and with that came lucrative perks and privileges.

The titular character of Harry Potter the series comes from a long line of wizards; however, this information was unknown to him for the first part of his life. He was raised by his muggle aunt and uncle, who hid his true identity from him, but they probably would have been nicer to him if they had known he had access to a considerable fortune, but where does this come from? richness ?

First, the Potters are an ancient wizarding family whose roots can be traced back to the Peverell brothers, who created the Deathly Hallows. Being descended from the third sibling, Ignotus, comes with a greater sense of duty to the next generation. Additionally, Ignotus wore the Invisibility Cloak and passed it on to his son. This family has a tradition of sharing treasures and gifts with the new generation, probably including their material wealth.

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Therefore, the Potters had centuries to accumulate wealth, and also a sense of responsibility to pass that wealth on to the next generation, while other wizarding families with similar histories did not maintain their wealth. The Gaunt family, for example, squandered their family wealth over the years, despite being a descendant of the Peverell family. Harry’s legacy, on the other hand, was handled appropriately.

Harry Potter - The Tale of Three Brothers

The Potters also had another more recent source of wealth than the old family heirloom. James Potter’s parents, Fleamont and Euphemia, ran a line of hair care products invented by Fleamont called Sleekeazy Hair Potion and Scalp Treatment, that Hermione even used it to turn her usually bushy hair into an elegant bow for the Yule Ball.

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There isn’t much information about Fleamont and Euphemia other than the fact that they had a child, but took Sirius Black into their home when he ran away from his own family. In the book version of Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, they also appear in the Mirror of Erised when Harry comes across them while under the Invisibility Cloak. Tragically, Harry never met his grandparents, as they died before he was born, but before they died they sold their business for a huge profit which helped fill Harry’s vault at Gringotts.

When Harry first realizes he’s not as poor in the wizarding world as he is in the muggle world, he doesn’t wonder where it all came from; he is so blown away to have any money at all. Despite all that heritage, it doesn’t help to give him a loving home for his formative years, and it’s obvious he’d rather have his family alive than a fortune at Gringotts.

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