How did Harry Potter make Cooper’s daughter go viral?

My youngest daughter, Annie, turned 8e birthday on weekends. Thanks to my wife’s expert planning, we were able to throw a great birthday party for her at Sparetime Rec in Hallowell. After the year we’ve all had, it was great to see her and her friends having so much fun.

So how did it go viral? Did she play a perfect game? Getting a toy on your first try with the claw machine? Recite the Declaration of Independence after inhaling helium? Nope…

My two daughters are huge Harry Potter fans. Their mother had started reading the books to them during the pandemic. It was a great way for them to have some normalcy during the first few weeks of the pandemic – you know, when school went from being a face-to-face situation to being totally estranged over a weekend.

As they went through the books, our apartment became more and more dominated by everything Harry Potter… The blue rays of movies, books, toys and even clothes!

One of their favorite things right now is their dolls (action figures?) Characters. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape and Dumbledore.

For her birthday, she received some new Harry Potter dolls. Her mother took a photo of Annie holding all of her dolls and posted it on a Harry Potter fan page. After the photo was posted, she put her phone down and walked away.

After a few minutes, his phone started to explode! Not quite sure about the case (actually, I think she thought it was me), she picked up her phone and took a look.

All of these notifications were because of this picture. After just a few minutes, he had over 2,000 reactions, dozens of comments and hundreds of shares!

She felt like she had some comments and some reactions.

Realizing she didn’t know who was sharing the photo, she quickly pulled it off the page.

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