His Friends’ Prince Harry Nickname Is Very Magical

Royal fans are familiar with Meghan Markle’s nicknames for her husband. She called him “Haz” during an interview with James Corden, and when the couple visited Africa together she simply called him “H”. But it seems he was called something very different by his friends before he met his wife and became a father of two. His friends’ Prince Harry nickname makes perfect sense for many reasons, although I have to say that I personally think they cast the wrong character.

In 2017, Prince Harry sat down for an interview at Kensington Palace with Lisa La Flamme from CTV Newswhere it was noticed that he had a picture book of Harry Potter on display. Prince Harry, whose real name is actually Henry Charles Albert David so even the name we all call him is a nickname, admitted there was a particular reason for the book. His friends call him “Potter”, as in “Harry Potter”, as in a young wizard with magical powers who grew up in London.

This certainly follows for Prince Harry, who may not have magical powers but certainly has some kind of mystique about him. And just like the fictional character, Prince Harry lost his own mother at a young age. His first name is Harry, or at least that’s what everyone calls him. It all makes sense. But I still think red hair means he should be called “Weasley”, it works better.

Prince Harry once revealed that his friends gave him the nickname “Potter”.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s incredibly common for the royal family to have multiple nicknames, supposedly to lighten the mood at the palace from time to time. “Royals are not very good at communicating with each other so that’s a way around it. Nicknames are a way to eliminate family tensions,” a royal source said. The sun.

The same seems to be true for friends of the royal family. Calling Prince Harry “Potter” is much less stuffy than calling him Your Highness. And Prince Harry is anything but stuffy. When he was a member of the royal family, he was known to be very flippant when dealing with his family. He even denounced Kate Middleton for calling her husband “Big Willy” during his best man speech at their royal wedding in 2011.

You know what I mean? It looks more like a Weasley move than a Potter.

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