Harry Potter’s virtual reality in New York opens the world of witchcraft to fans, Entertainment News

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is finally here as New York City has its own store full of magic. The three-story, 21,000-square-foot Harry Potter New York opened last month, offering fans a chance to experience immersive virtual reality.

It was created by WarnerMedia as part of a joint effort with leading virtual reality company Dreamscape Immersive, interactive software company Wevr and UK studio Keylight and debuts today, “Chaos at Hogwarts” and “Wizards Take Flight”. It allows fans to explore the wizarding world in two distinctive storylines that bring the popular book and movie franchise to life in awesome new ways.

It encourages fans to step into a world of magic and interact with creatures, characters and popular locations from the Harry Potter series.

You can choose to learn how to cast spells, select your own avatar, spot hidden Easter eggs, and more.

For those looking to try both VR adventures, they each offer wheelchair accessibility. There are a number of interactive experiences as well, including a wheelchair accessible London phone booth for photo ops, themed selfie mirrors, a chance to ‘put’ in Hagrid’s shoes, a fairly large re-creation of Nagini (who sometimes whistles in Parseltongue), as well as a store-wide treasure hunt that features props on display from the films.

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