Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs Addresses JK Rowling Controversy and Why He Won’t ‘Stab Her in the Back’

the legacy of the harry potter franchise has become difficult in recent years as the franchise that many grew up with picked up some baggage along the way. While Harry Potter as a franchise is no less beloved, JK Rowling, the books’ author, has been at the center of controversy. because of her stance on trans rights. And while Jason Isaacs admits he has very different views on this, he also says he’s not willing to cut ties with Rowling completely.

In an interview with the Telegraph (through people) the man who played Lucius Malfoy throughout the Harry Potter film series said that while he disagrees with JK Rowling on the topic of trans rights in particular, the woman herself is more than just that opinion on that one issue. The fact that she’s a complicated person is part of what makes her interesting, says Issacs…

There’s a lot of stuff about Jo. You know, I play complicated people, I’m interested in complicated people. I don’t want to get sucked into trans issues, talk about it, because it’s such an amazing minefield. She has her opinions, I have mine. They differ in many different areas.

Jason Isaacs’ comments echo those of other members of the franchise. Rupert Grint also spoken out against JK Rowling’s trans views while refusing to completely cut ties with her. Emma Watson has also spoken out in favor of trans rights, without mentioning the author by name.

What makes JK Rowling “complex” in Jason Isaacs’ eyes is that while he may think she’s on the wrong side of this particular issue, he’s implying it without saying it directly, he thinks that the woman does a good job elsewhere in her. life worth mentioning. While he makes it clear that this is no excuse for his opinions, he also doesn’t think it should be ignored. Isaac continues…

But one of the things people should also know about her – and not as a counter-argument – is that she’s dedicated a huge chunk of her fortune to making the world a better place, for hundreds of thousands of children. vulnerable, thanks to her. Lumos charity. And it is unequivocally good. Many of us Harry Potter actors have worked for this and have seen firsthand the work they do. So despite all the very controversial stuff she said, I wasn’t going to jump in to stab her in the front – or in the back – without a conversation with her, which I haven’t managed to have yet.

Like everyone who loves Harry Potter, JK Rowling is an important person in Jason Isaacs’ life. He will be linked to the franchise, and therefore to her, for the rest of her career. And he knows the good she has done. He just tries to reconcile that with this other side of her, like everyone else.

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