Harry Potter Witches and Wizards Waste Their Animagus Ability

Harry Potter’s most impressive stealth spell hasn’t been used as much as it should have.

An animagus is someone in the wizarding world of Harry Potter who has developed the ability to transform into an animal form at will. The concept was introduced early in the series with Professor McGonagall, who possesses the ability to transform into a cat. Other notable animagus introduced in the series include marauders James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Hermione’s nemesis Rita Skeeter. On several occasions throughout the series, someone’s Animagus status made them particularly difficult to capture or imprison and served as an unlikely secret weapon. But why aren’t more witches and wizards using this ability?

On several occasions, the animagus are able to hide in plain sight with their powers. Peter Pettigrew was able to spend over a decade in relative safety, posing as the Weasley family’s pet rat, Scabbers, without alerting them to his true identity. Sirius Black even used his dog form to evade Azkaban’s guards. Later, he – along with Rita Skeeter using her bug form – would prove capable of sneaking into Hogwarts, often considered one of the most secure buildings in the wizarding world. Since the ability becomes an innate power upon completion of the original spell, no incantation or wand is needed, adding to the stealth potential of this technique. Magic users may not even realize that the animals around them are Animagus, with witches and wizards able to hide in plain sight thanks to their stealthy alternate forms.

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Becoming an Animagus has repeatedly proven to be a useful skill for stealth and could have seriously improved the Order of the Phoenix’s chances if their scouting missions could be completed without drawing attention to their spellcrafting. Even though the Ministry of Magic tries to keep a detailed record of animagus, it doesn’t keep track of people who perform the spell and put it to good use – like Rita Skeeter using her tiny bug form to eavesdrop on conversations and steal secrets for the Daily Prophet. And while there is a spell that can return an Animagu to their natural form – as used on Pettigrew in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — the caster would need to be aware that the target was, in fact, an Animagus.

Probably the biggest reason in-universe why more characters don’t become Animagus is that the process takes a lot of time, effort, and care to execute properly. Although the enchantment does not require a wand, it requires a long process to prepare the user’s body. The spell involves holding a mandrake leaf in your mouth for an entire month, reciting the same incantation at the same time at dusk and dawn, and drinking a specially crafted potion in the middle of a thunderstorm. Performing any of these steps incorrectly would restart the process or leave the user turned into a human/animal hybrid. Even for gifted students like James Potter and Sirius Black, the process took nearly three years to unfold properly.

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But given the various uses of having an Animagus transformation at their disposal, it’s surprising that more witches and wizards don’t try to use enchantment. This is probably the practical reason why more characters in the franchise don’t have these abilities, as having too many Animagus around would introduce too many stealthy characters into a storyline where stealth retrieval of important information directly impacts the fate of the world repeatedly. But regardless, the Animagus enchantment is still one of the most useful tricks in the franchise, and it’s a shame more characters haven’t used it.

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