‘Harry Potter’ Theory Suggests Apparating Is Only Loud If You Suck It

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In the magical world of wizards Harry Potter, there are many ways to get around, like a train or a flying car, or even the trusty broomstick.

If you’re looking to get from house to house, then Floo Powder can do the trick, and there’s also the use of a portkey to get from one fixed point to another. But in the world of magic, there seems to be nothing better than just Apparating to where you want to be. It might not be the sneakiest way to travel as it’s often accompanied by a popping noise, although one fan has offered a theory that this is only the case for the unskilled.

Apparition is an advanced form of magic used to transport someone from one place to another almost instantaneously. Much like getting your driver’s license for us mere muggles, wizards and witches have to wait until they’re old enough to learn the spell and get their license after proving they’ve mastered it. If done incorrectly, it can lead to truly horrific results known as splice, where a part of the body is left behind.

He plays a huge role in the books bringing attention to underrated house-elves. Small creatures also have their own magic and are also able to Apparate, but because their magic is neglected, the wards used against spawning do not exclude them. It is because of this oversight that Kreacher Apparates Regulus Black to Voldemort’s cave to retrieve the Horcrux, and because of Dobby, Harry and his friends are saved from Malfoy Manor.

Apparating is like any form of magic, the more skilled the user, the better the spell.

Many think this is a great theory and are more than happy to take it as fact (although still in the fictional sense of course).

A user added to the theory, using examples of cases where this can be seen.

Although this all takes place in the world of magic, some have added science to the mix, building on what Rowling said about moving air.

A fan has a great analogy to help understand this concept.

Some believe the volume of the Weasley twins is a choice to shock and unhinge those around them.

A few went to defend poor Mundungus Fletcher, who the OP really went for.

Overall, the theory was well appreciated by his colleagues Harry Potter fans on Reddit. In a world where magic exists, science still exists too, and it’s interesting to see the two interact in this way.

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