Harry Potter Star Shares His Heartwarming Memories of Alan Rickman

Harry Potter star Timothy Spall shares some of his fondest memories of the late Alan Rickman, offering heartwarming praise to his Potter co-star.

Harry Potter Star Timothy Spall shared some of his heartwarming memories of working with the late Alan Rickman. After eight movies based on author JK Rowling’s hit wizarding series, the entire franchise had utilized the talents of a slew of beloved and respected actors. As one of the show’s key characters, Rickman played Professor Severus Snape to perfection, oddly balancing the character’s likable and loathsome traits.

Snape spent much of the series as a red herring, intentionally making readers and audiences feel like a despicable person with no redeeming characteristics. But as the series quickly revealed, Snape’s perceived villainy was an act – a brilliant covert operation he willingly undertook in conjunction with Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. In order to pull off a character as complex and surprising as this, Snape’s casting had to be flawless and few could argue that was achieved by casting Rickman. Throughout his career, Rickman, whose unexpected death shocked the world in 2016, has often played villainous roles. No one can forget his turn of Hans Gruber in die hard or the Sheriff of Nottingham at Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. But just because he had a knack for portraying unscrupulous characters doesn’t mean he really was who he was.


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In a recent interview with looper, Rickman’s Harry Potter co-star, Timothy Spall, had nothing but heartwarming praise for the man who will forever be known as Severus Snape. With over 40 years of experience in film, television and the stage, Spall is a show business legend, starring in six of the eight Potter films alongside Rickman. Although six years have passed since Rickman’s passing, Spall was not about to hold back what a wonderful experience it was to work with Rickman during the Potter years, saying:

“The only thing I can tell you about Alan, given that apart from the tragedy of his loss and his loss at such a young age, really, in that time he practically played so many sinister characters , rather fearsome and terrifying — not always, but [he] was brilliant to her. The man himself was so different, [he] was so warm, was so nice and really nice. In “Harry Potter,” even when he wasn’t working, there wasn’t a day he didn’t walk in with a group of kids. The [were] always phone calls, ‘Can I come on set?’ He would bring friends’ children to show them around.”

“Once he met my mother-in-law, who was with my wife. He wasn’t used to really meeting anyone, except me, and he was absolutely lovely with her. He was really a charming, very witty. , and deeply intelligent and funny man, and also very, very brilliant – and actually one of the best actors of his time, really. We had the privilege of having him and the tragedy of losing him . It was great to work with him.”

Rickman was greatly missed during the recent Harry Potter reunion special, and Spall’s kind words about his former co-star help fans understand how respected he was by those who had the privilege of working with him. . There’s no doubt that without him, Snape’s character simply wouldn’t have been the same. It’s rare enough for a film adaptation of a bestselling book series to land an actor who captures a character’s specifics so succinctly. Rickman succeeded as Snape not only because he was a talented actor, but because he fully understands the conflict and nuances at play in the character.

In recent years there has been talk on several occasions of restarting the whole Harry Potter franchise. It was met with mixed opinions from fans and acknowledgments from its stars that it will eventually happen. But even if that happens, it’s hard to imagine being able to top the original film set. Fans of the show all have their favorite things about the movies, of course, but comparing the book to the movies, it’s very hard to find a better-suited actor to play Snape.

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