Harry Potter star Jessie Cave in hospital after catching Covid while pregnant | Culture

Harry Potter star Jessie Cave has been admitted to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 while pregnant with her fourth child.

The actor, best known for his role as Lavender Brown in the film adaptations of the hit books, said the virus hit her hard and her symptoms lasted for weeks.

Cave, 34, shared a photo with over 200,000 Instagram followers showing her lying in a hospital bed.

She wrote: “Triage, again…anyone else got Covid in 3rd trimester and hit it like a ton of bricks for weeks?”

In a second post, she added: ‘Also – has anyone taken the anti-nausea med and it made them feel worse?

Last month, Cave told her followers that she had tested positive and was also suffering from “constant nausea” due to her pregnancy.

In response to her message, comedian Felicity Ward said: “Oh honey. I’m so sorry. Like your body doesn’t have enough to handle. Sending you lots of love beautiful.

Sara Pascoe, also a stand-up, added, “Oh Jessie, I’m so sorry, that sucks.”

Cave and her partner, comedian Alfie Brown, already have three children, with the youngest born in October 2020.

The couple originally called him Abraham “Bam” Benjamin but announced shortly after that they had changed his name to Tenn.

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