Harry Potter: Sad Things About Hogwarts Professors Fans Share

Hogwarts and the magical experience wouldn’t have been as fun as seeing it through the eyes of the professors. Think about it, along with Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts students, we learned all aspects of magic through and through their perspectives. So, they were just as important a role as the rest of the characters. But by watching the movies or reading the books, their story has never been in the spotlight. Still, some fans spotted some key points that speak to the suffering they were going through all this time. So we’ve brought a list of sad things about Hogwarts professors that fans are sharing. Take a look, it could be a bit bumpy.

1. We all knew about The prisoner of Azkaban that Professor Lupine was a werewolf. The transformation was a tough situation to deal with anyway, and then there’s this:

2. The character of Snape was the most mysterious character in the entire franchise (even more so than Voldemort). His bizarre quirks hardly ever went unnoticed. But this one probably missed most of the eyes:

Harry Potter: Sad Things About Hogwarts Professors Fans Share
Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore

3. I never thought about why Professor McGonagall’s Animagus was a cat. Also, how sad and heartbreaking is it?

Harry Potter: Sad Things About Hogwarts Professors Fans Share
Professor McGonagall and his encounters with death

4. From the first film, Professor Snape was portrayed as a cold person, who never seemed to have a weakness. But in Deathly Hallows Part 2, we all saw what the character really was.

Harry Potter: Sad Things About Hogwarts Professors Fans Share
Severus Snape

5. Again, Remus Lupine struggled with his transformation, especially around the Full Moon. But what exactly did he go through? And why did he disappear from classes? Here’s why:

Harry Potter: Sad Things About Hogwarts Professors Fans Share
The transformation of Remus Lupine

6. During the final battle, the school and the teachers saw terrible things and lost so many of their loved ones. But since McGonagall was theirs for all, I think it must have been the hardest on her.

7. Who ever saw this through Lupin’s eyes? I know not! How must he feel sitting on the train without his friends? But after stumbling across this post, it was hard to stop thinking about it.

Ron and Lupine

8. Remus Lupine and James Potter were so close. Ever since he had seen Harry at Hogwarts, in his classroom, he must have suffered to be present in his life, to be there for him.

Remus Lupine probably wanted to be more present

9. Do you remember that moment? I’m sure most of us thought he was just trying to embarrass Harry in front of the whole class. But it turned out that it wasn’t really like that.

Asphodèle: My regrets go to the grave, Absinthe: absence

10. Harry probably would never have made it to Hogwarts if Hagrid hadn’t been looking for him to wish him his birthday. He did so much more to be around him, to take care of him. And yet, his efforts have gone unnoticed.

Hagrid and Harry

Hogwarts professors were probably the best thing in the Harry Potter franchise and those sad things about them got me thinking. And you? Let us know.

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