‘Harry Potter’ Fans Wonder Where Everyone Was During the Battle of Hogwarts

Image via Warner Bros.

The magical world of Harry Potter has to deal with evil and dark wizards seemingly all the time. And even though they’ve equipped highly trained wizards and magical law enforcement, apparently all it takes is a group of high school students to stop Voldemort. But since the release of The goblet of fire, we know there are wizards outside of the UK. So, knowing the large-scale impact of the Battle of Hogwarts, fans are wondering where are the other wizards and witches during Hogwarts’ time of need?

This question was asked by Reddit user u/Libs_11 on r/HarryPotter. They asked why Hogwarts and the British Ministry of Magic were the only magical society involved in one of the deadliest wizarding conflicts.

Potterheads have a bunch of theories as to why this is the case. After all, Voldemort killed wizards who stood against him and Muggles he deemed unworthy of having their magic. One theory some fans may have agreed with is that the Ministry of Magic is corrupt and the Confederacy is useless, comparing it to the UN in real life.

Meanwhile, others have pointed out that at the time, Voldemort was in control of the Ministry, so there was no point in calling for help. But, at least in the books, the wizards who supported the Order of the Phoenix came to the aid of Hogwarts in their last time of need.

But one theory that most fans seem to agree on was that the Battle of Hogwarts was more of a “civil war” situation and that was the UK’s problem. This would probably explain why the crimes of Grindlewald and Voldemort are handled differently throughout the Wizarding War as a whole. But the funny thing is, although no other countries are involved, it’s still called the ‘Second Wizarding War’ when only British wizards are involved.

So basically, unless Tom Riddle and his Death Eater army started attacking other parts of the globe, the UK Ministry would probably get more help. But since it was more of a civil war that slowly developed and ministers tried to deny the course of events, it seems that it is up to schoolchildren and their teachers to be the last line of defense against an evil wizard.

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