Harry Potter Fans Have An Interesting Theory About Harry’s Grandparents

In a subreddit dedicated to fan theories, u/PopsicleIncorporated suggested their idea of ​​why young Harry ended up with the Dursleys and not his maternal grandparents. “James’ parents were already dead by the time Harry was orphaned, but I don’t think there was ever a final fate given to Mr and Mrs Evans… [they] probably would have accepted it with open arms. So why didn’t they? The only reason I can think of is that they were dead… I know James’s parents were older when they got him, but assuming Lily’s parents were middle aged they would have at most fifty at the time of their daughter’s death. Why would they both be dead? Well my theory is that [the] Death Eaters came looking for Lily and Petunia’s parents and probably killed them while looking for information on Lily’s whereabouts.”

In short, the Redditor suggests that Harry’s maternal grandparents would have welcomed him if the Death Eaters hadn’t reached them first. This makes sense, given that the series strives to remind the reader how badly Voldemort wanted Lily and James Potter dead. Why wouldn’t he seek out their only living relatives for information? Plus, even Harry thinks Voldemort would use muggle relatives against their magical relatives – which is why the Dursleys had to go into hiding at the start of the seventh book. The only hole related to this theory is one in Rowling’s own writings, as it seems strange never to mention the fate of Mr. and Mrs. Evans. She wrote over a million (via word counter) posted words and never once explained their current status.

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