Harry Potter Fans Discover Emotional Deleted Scene

As much as we consider ourselves the greatest Harry Potter fans, we learn something new about the beloved franchise every day.

And we were really surprised by this deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One.

As the Dursley clan prepares to flee Privet Drive, with Voldemort and the Death Eaters searching for Harry Potter, Harry and his Aunt Petunia are having a particularly tender moment.

You can watch the scene below.

Although this scene was cut from the final version of the films, it’s a brand new addition, as we don’t see this interaction between Harry and his aunt in the books.

Harry and his relationship with the Dursleys have always been rocky, and in the novels we see Harry’s aunt, uncle and cousin Dudley leaving their home.

Despite their many arguments, Dudley gives Harry a rather emotional farewell, while Petunia pauses briefly outside the front door before leaving. This might suggest that Petunia is sad to leave Harry, her last bond with Lily, behind, possibly to die.

Petunia has always treated Harry with dislike. (Credit: Warner Bros)

Thankfully, JK Rowling explained what that final scene between Aunt Petunia and Harry was supposed to entail.

Writing on the Pottermore website, Rowling explained: “I wanted to suggest, in the last book, that something decent (a long-forgotten but faintly burning love of her sister; the realization that she may never see her again -never be Lily’s eyes again) Aunt Petunia almost struggled when she said goodbye to Harry for the last time, but isn’t able to admit it, or show those long buried feelings .

We have to admit, we are disgusted that this scene was cut from the movies!

Petunia admitted her sadness at losing her sister. (Warner Bros)
Petunia admitted her sadness at losing her sister. (Warner Bros)

Many people previously interviewed by Petunia had such intense feelings of dislike for her nephew.

However, many have suggested that these were long feelings of jealousy that she clung to, after Muggle-born sister Lily was born with magical powers and she wasn’t.

Chatting on the r/HarryPotter Reddit thread, one person said, “I don’t think Petunia hated Harry. I think she resents him and everything he reminds her of.

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