Harry Potter continues to inspire people like Jack Harlow

The holiday season is here and holiday classics like Harry potter are in rehearsal. It’s a great time to fangirl on the trailer for the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts special that just came out. Or maybe you’re more of a fan of the books. If so, you can relate to Jack Harlow! He spoke of the effect books had on her life recent Variety Hitmaker of Tomorrow Award.

Jack Harlow and Harry Potter

In accepting his award, Harlow described his experience participating in a competitive reading program while in second grade. The program rewarded students for passing quizzes based on stimulating books. “The harder the book, the more points you earn,” Harlow said in his speech. “I read all the books I could find. I have read all the Harry Potter books. Boy, those Harry potter the books are worth a few points. Harlow ended up winning first place in the competition.

Due to his success in competition as a child, he had the confidence to start writing rap lyrics that would ultimately lead him to become a successful rapper. While Harry potter is not the only series of books that he remembers reading from an early age, he recognized it as one of the books that led his writing career and his music career in general.

He added in his speech:

“I just want to be clear, when I was a kid I was a little more introverted. Or at least I allowed myself to be introverted. I was not silent, I had friends, but I was much more comfortable observing and appreciating my own thoughts. I think if you would take a picture of me on that stage and show this kid, he would be pretty blown away. But to be fair, all the ingredients were there. It was a competition and it brought out the competitor in me, which is a big part of the kind I’m in. All of this reading is what made me the writer I am now, and I’m pretty sure that’s what will make me the Hitmaker of tomorrow. So thank you very much, I really appreciate you.

Watch the full speech below:

Do you also have a connection to Harry potter series of books? Do you prefer movies? Sound off below in the comments. We would like to know!

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