Harry Potter characters as hilarious TikToks

Harry Potter is the franchise that keeps on giving, with countless new movie additions and relevant fan-contributed content. It’s been twenty-five years since the first book was released, and the legendary impact the series has had on audiences everywhere is unique to the franchise. Fans will never stop entertaining the wizarding world and applying it to their daily lives.

TikTok has made it extremely easy for like-minded people to come together while sharing similar passions. The Harry Potter fandom has continued to thrive on this new way of creating content and bringing storytelling to life. The different personalities and highlights of each character are hilariously portrayed by the beloved creators of Tiktok.


Harry Potter’s Dementor’s Dilemma

TikTok Creator @misho_sk drew a comical comparison between Harry’s experiences with Dementors and someone sucking smoke from a man’s mouth and nose. The similarities are uncanny, and the comment at the end of the video had fans laughing.

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The hilarity of comparing the evils of the wizarding world to normal everyday things is something everyone Harry Potter fans appreciate. Whether it’s recreating a scene from a movie or poking fun at the plot, this creator knows the audience he’s talking to.

Dumbledore’s Fury

This TikTok posted by the creator @smittystuds is a hilarious portrayal of the well-known and stark differences between the books and the movies. Fans love to poke fun at Dumbledore’s animosity in the film when he was calm and collected in the books. The memes and TikToks on Dumbledore seem to sum up his personality pretty well.

The animation and dramatization of this scene depicted by the Harry Potter Legos are endlessly entertaining for viewers. It captures the anticipation and humor of every scene and brings to life one of the most iconic interactions between Harry and Dumbledore.

Ron’s Legendary Speech

A huge TikTok trend was made famous by the creator of TikTok @kimberlypizzo when she did this skit mocking the drama of the chess scene in the first Harry Potter film. By dressing up as different characters and pronouncing too much, she has made a name for herself on FYP pages around the world.

The creators of TikTok have universally used the sound of this video and similar ideas to remake iconic scenes from the films. Something about the mix of drama, child actors and English accents keeps the trend alive and entertaining for countless fans.

Voldemort’s theatricality

The young start-up creator @dan_j09 posted this hilarious rendition of Voldemort’s magical curses increasing in intensity with wand size. The sound that has been made famous by other creators has been applied perfectly by Dan, earning him a few followers.

Harry Potter fans are universally aware of the Dark Lord’s drama and aggression. Both characteristics are present in this TikTok trend where fans and creators can pretend to wield their own wands in a mutual effort to entertain each other while keeping Voldemort’s dark legacy and greatest display of power alive.

Hagrid’s White Lies

TikTok Creator @mrs.pott3r posted this hilarious take on Hagrid’s idea of ​​security using a popular sound from Family guy. Peter’s long list of hot topics in the United States is comically aligned with the various dangers and threats that surround Hogwarts throughout the series.

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Despite Hagrid’s insistence, the trio and fans know there’s no truly safe place for Harry. By posting a quirky and satirical take on Hagrid’s point of view, Mrs.Pott3r has won wide appreciation from Harry Potter fans everywhere.

The Malfoy Charm

TikTok Creator @notjustinreadz earned her following by doing hilarious cosplays of the baddest Harry Potter characters like Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and now Vecna ​​from Strange things. Fans love his comedic and glamorous approach to the otherwise very solemn and serious characters.

In this TikTok, the creator brings to life one of Draco Malfoy’s most iconic quotes, “My dad will hear about it!”. Lucius Malfoy’s dramatic and hip entrance is entertaining and memorable for Harry Potter fans.

Fred is dead

TikTok Creator @expecto.hp specialize in Harry Potter throwbacks, shoutouts and hilarious videos about the iconic franchise. In this TikTok, the creator highlights Fred Weasley and the “glow up” he had from the start of the series until its end.

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Combining light music with dark humor is something Expecto.hp specializes in. Fans with the same appreciation for this humor enjoy the comedy and recognize that it’s a joke that Fred Weasley most likely would have made too.

McGonagall Earnings

@chanwills0 (Chanel Williams) is a famous TikTok creator who gained her following due to her hilarious and endearing cosplays as Professor McGonagall. From outfit to accent, Chanel has been accepted by the TikTok community and Harry Potter fandom as a modern, reincarnated Minerva McGonagall.

In her latest video, Chanel cosplays McGonagall at the gym while recounting the workout with hilarious commentary. Her unique, comedic and light-hearted perspective as McGonagall is a tribute to the franchise, the legacy of Maggie Smith and the magical first impression of Harry Potter.

Luna’s muggle twin

TikTok Creator @pipercj rose to fame on many social media platforms for her masters in folklore and her book The night and its moon. His TikTok is filled to the brim with educational treats about folklore and how to live at peace with the mythical world that surrounds humans.

Luna Lovegood and Pipercj share the same peaceful face and the same passion for sharing with others taboo subjects that are not well known. Pipercj offers entertaining approaches to the somewhat terrifying and powerful myths of the world while impersonating Luna Lovegood in Muggle form.

Transform into Dobby

@Readyfredi is a Tiktok creator who has gained huge success by dressing up as characters in order to transform into them in a filter. His antics have him dressing up as countless iconic characters like Shrek, Superman and Gollum, one layer at a time.

In this hilarious five-part series, Readyfredi desperately tries to transform into Dobby, but is unsuccessful. With each attempt, he gets more creative with his costume design that entertains viewers loop after loop.

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