Harry Potter: 9 Smartest Female Characters, Ranked

Politician and activist Irina Dunn once said, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, a sentiment that the female characters of Harry Potter would agree with. Most of the prominent faces in Rowling’s fantasy novels are male – Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Sirius, Draco and the protagonist himself.

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However, the contributions of the female characters to the Wizarding War effort are far from insignificant; on the contrary, it can be argued that their absence would essentially condemn the wizarding world to an era of horrifying tyranny. Although she strictly follows the masculine narrative trope, Rowling makes it clear that the women in her stories are as important and as intelligent as the men.

9 Fleur is chosen to represent her school by the Goblet of Fire

Fleur Delacour is initially featured as part of the official Beauxbatons team. She eventually earns the chance to compete in the Triwizard Tournament near the Goblet of Fire, an indication of both her strength and intelligence.

Although she is shown to be brusque and arrogant, her character softens considerably after Harry saves his sister during the second task. As a Quarter-Veela, Fleur knows how to use her genetic charms to sway the minds of people who oppose her – the downside is that it only works on people who are attracted to women.

8 Tonks is one of the youngest Aurors hired by the Ministry of Magic.

When Hermione and Ginny compare Fleur (or Phlegm) to Tonks, they note that the latter is considerably “smarter”, because “she’s an Auror”. Their assessment is basically accurate – Tonks is among the youngest Aurors to be hired by the Ministry of Magic.

It demonstrates that she is more than capable of handling the wide range of complexities associated with her job. More importantly, Tonks effectively incorporates her gift of shapeshifting into her work, allowing her to undertake otherwise perilous stealth missions.

7 Molly is strong enough to outwit her twins and, eventually, Bellatrix

Arthur Weasley goes to work, but Molly Weasley rules the roost from the Burrow. She has a firmer grip on her children than her husband could imagine, especially since he hadn’t tried. Molly is strong enough to outsmart Fred and George, the adorable couple of miscreants who get under almost everyone’s skin.

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His life as a servant is his decision; she would rather spend her life raising children and keeping a home together than running around fighting Death Eaters. And yet, it’s Molly who proves to be a better fighter than most characters in the story when she kills Bellatrix.

6 Bellatrix never gets the chance to develop her formidable genius

There is no doubt that Bellatrix Lestrange would have been one of the greatest users of magic of the 20th century had she not answered Lord Voldemort’s call. She’s still an immensely powerful witch with an encyclopedic knowledge of the dark arts, but her fanatical faith likely limits her potential.

Voldemort prefers his subordinates to behave like lowly servants because he likes the idea of ​​despising them. In her zeal to serve her master, Bellatrix never gets the chance to develop her formidable genius. On the other hand, his inability to show compassion indicates that his mind remains closed to possibilities.

5 Ginny’s talents encompass a wide range of fields

Ginny’s fiery independence is evident from the start: in The Philosopher’s Stone, she insists that she wants to go to Hogwarts. In The Chamber of Secretsshe befriends the Horcrux fragment of Tom Riddle and keeps it a secret from the whole school, including Albus Dumbledore.

Ginny’s talents encompass a wide range of fields, especially magic and Quidditch. She exemplifies a gift for dueling during Dumbledore’s Army training sessions and even fights Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries as well as Hogwarts.

4 Lily excels at just about everything she’s tried her hand at

Everyone who taught Lily Potter at Hogwarts has nothing but praise for her academic genius and leadership qualities. Professor Slughorn is keen to point out that Lily was “one of the brightest students [he] never taught”, which is saying something considering that he has been a teacher for more than fifty years.

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Lily excels at just about anything she tries her hand at, no matter the subject, explaining why she eventually becomes Hogwarts Head Girl in her seventh year. Additionally, the fact that Lily (and James) eludes Voldemort several times is a testament to her combat skills.

3 Luna’s intellectual superiority is sometimes overshadowed by her unorthodox behavior

Luna emits an aura of particularity from every pore, an aura so overwhelming that it often obscures her spectacular insight. Luna’s unconventional behavior only distracts those who refuse to see her as anything other than “Looney Lovegood”, but her friends openly recognize her as their intellectual equal, if not superior.

Despite her predilection for exaggerated conspiracies, Luna is not unaware of her rational side, especially in serious situations. Ravenclaws are known for their “spirit and learning”, a trait that defines Luna in every way.

2 Professor McGonagall is an exceptionally gifted teacher and duelist

Minerva McGonagall was perhaps not an incandescent prodigy like Voldemort and Dumbledore. However, his meteoric rise within the Hogwarts faculty is more than enough proof of his towering IQ.

Professor McGonagall is a highly respected teacher and skilled duelist, a powerful combination that makes her a dangerous opponent. Although transfiguration is her forte, McGonagall exemplifies an exceptional aptitude for other branches of magic, including charms, defense against the dark arts, potions, and herbology.

1 Hermione is Harry Potter’s smartest character, regardless of gender

No one can deny that Hermione Granger is the smartest character in Harry Potter, regardless of gender. She is consistently the top student every year, earning extraordinary grades in all of her exams and ten OWLs. Hermione is the voice of reason that helps Harry and Ron see the limits of their perspective – she is the logical glue that holds the Golden Trio together.

Hermione associates her academic pursuits with social activism, such as her movement to free house-elves from slavery, further emphasizing her sharp perception. The story owes everything to Hermione Granger and her wise choices.

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