‘Ginger Windsor’ Prince Harry isn’t tired of pouring ‘cold buckets’ on the Royal Family

‘Ginger Windsor’ Prince Harry isn’t tired of pouring ‘cold buckets’ on the Royal Family

Prince Harry’s explosive memoir has been delayed for unknown reasons, a royal source has told The Sun.

The Duke of Sussex’s ‘intimate and heartfelt memoirs’ book has been in the works since 2020. The writing’s original release date was later this year, however, publisher Random House is keeping quiet about the decision.

Meanwhile, GB News’ Mark Dolan has pointed out that the book is unnecessary and could damage Harry’s fragile relationship with the Royal Family.

Mr Dolan said: “When you think of great authors, who comes to mind? Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck, Stephen King, JK Rowling? What about Prince Harry?

“Yes, Ginger Windsor himself, the world’s happiest millionaire, has a book in the works. It’s billed as a semi-autobiography, but seems to be the greatest work of fiction since War and Peace – and probably all so boring.

He noted, “Well, there’s trouble in heaven because the press is reporting that the planned book launch has been postponed until next year.”

“It feels like a touch of royal writer’s block,” Mr Dolan said. “Well, let’s hope this privileged aristo doesn’t get rid of it because his proposed reveal tome threatens to do more harm to his family relationships, to his reputation in this country, to the revered institution into which he was born.

“And it will demand more unnecessary stress and anxiety for her 96-year-old grandmother, the Queen.

“Not happy with dissing his dad saying he was less than a great dad and pouring a cold bucket of brown stuff on his whole family during this Oprah Winfrey non-interview.”

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