GETTR is a new social media platform created by Trump Allies

Illustration from the article titled Blatant Twitter Rip-off Gives Trump 700 Characters to Spew Hate

Screenshot: GETTR

When Donald Trump was launched from Twitter and Facebook, it was predicted that he would return with a vengeance, likely with his own social media platform. Our collective nightmare has come true: according to Politics, we now have to deal with GETTR, an application run by the former Trump’s assistant Jason Miller, who is one of the few people close to Trump who has not been to jail. It currently has a 4.9 rating in the App Store, no doubt the result of Trump’s cronies conspiring to give it a boost.

The App Store description for GETTR states that the platform is “a [sic] social network for people around the world “which aims to” allow anyone to freely express their opinion. “The app has been online since mid-June with its last update launched on Wednesday. Trending hashtags on the platform -forms include “#trump”, “#virusorigin”, “#nra” and “#unrestrictedbioweapon”, Politico reports.

Not that I encourage anyone named Jack to take legal action, but GETTR’s interface is remarkably similar to Twitter’s, the only notable difference being the color scheme and number of characters we seem to be able to. use for a single message. In an App Store preview photo, the character limit appears to allow messages over 700 characters, which is good news for Donal Trump and his late-night word salads.

Out of morbid curiosity, I downloaded GETTR and found Donald Trump’s account which has only one tweet … or a GEET? I don’t know what they call it, but the account has 2,000 subscribers.

In the replies to Trump’s single post, there is, I guess, a fake account masquerading as author JK Rowling also with a post that just says “#ihatetrannies” about 20 times. As you might expect, there appears to be little to no content moderation or security on the app.

JK Rowling fake account making hate speech

Screenshot: GETTR

The really confusing thing about GETTR – aside from the name – is that some of the user posts date back to 2018, before the platform existed; they also include “retweets” of accounts that do not exist on GETTR.

I followed this toxic breadcrumb trail to a verified user, Mark Latchman, and compared his GETTR feed with his Twitter feed. They are exactly the same. It turns out that if you sign up for GETTR using the same username you have on Twitter, you “may be able to import copies of your content” to the new platform. In other words, it is the Spiderman meme come to life but with hate speech.

But seriously, when are any of these guys going to do a 1,Wire of 400 characters on what “GETTR ” means?

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