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The leader of the Workers’ Party of Britain, George Galloway, has raged in his Mother of All Talkshows program after recalling several stories from recent weeks regarding the cancellation of the culture. Mr Galloway was furious after Oxfam pulled his Wonder Woman bingo game, which included author JK Rowling, over complaints from transgender employees. The former Labor MP also took aim at Netflix employees protesting comedian Dave Chappelle’s comments about the transgender community and self-degenerating healthcare services in a monologue berated against canceling the culture.

Oxfam has come under attack after withdrawing its Wonder Woman bingo game over complaints.

The game featured a collection of 48 women who have done influential things and become icons for their work.

But following complaints from transgender employees, the game was taken down with Oxfam saying, “We have made the decision to take the game off sale following concerns raised by trans and non-binary colleagues who told us that ‘ it fell short of our commitment to respect people of all genders. “

While the charity didn’t explain further, the game featured author JK Rowling who was attacked for his comments about the transgender community.

She joined other women such as Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks and Marie Curie.

Furious, Mr Galloway discussed the issue on his Mother of All show on Russia Today and said he would cancel Oxfam due to the move.

He urged his audience to follow suit and said: “I have long harbored doubts about Oxfam’s support due to a number of scandals they have been involved in over the years.

“But I was still supporting them, but not anymore, I’m tired of canceling the crop, right?”

“Public bodies, from top to bottom in this country … have launched a campaign for the cancellation of the word and the idea of ​​the woman herself.

“My daughter, who just gave birth, was in breastfeeding class last week… she was not breastfeeding.

“Almost every health board in the country has airbrushed women’s health off the map.

“You can’t find women’s clinics, women’s health services, you can’t find any references to pregnant women, they’re pregnant people.”

As he finished his monologue, Mr Galloway pointed out that if the crop cancellation was not challenged, there would be no one left to defend “you”.

Mr Galloway added that if you don’t support free speech for your opponents, you don’t support that notion at all.

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