Five “Potter” Things We Learned From Ed Sheeran’s “Normal Not Normal” Interview

James and Oliver Phelps may be on a summer break from their podcast, Normal Not normal, but they returned to our headphones with a surprise episode featuring two special guests: singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his manager Stuart Camp.

It turns out that Sheeran is a “Big fan of Harry Potter since always,” which means that Potter appears frequently throughout the episode. We’ve picked our five favorite moments from the interview below, from Sheeran and Camp’s friendly. the Lord of the Rings and Harry potter rivalry with the infamous “Lego House” music video starring Rupert Grint.

Tom Felton was instrumental in the appearance of Rupert Grint in the “Lego House” music video.

Sheeran had always wanted Rupert Grint to play him in one of his music videos, but it seemed like that was never going to happen until Tom Felton stepped on the scene. After forming a friendship on Twitter, Sheeran “naughty” asked Felton to help him get Grint involved in the “Lego House” video.

[I said] can you talk to rupert and see if he would do the video and [Felton] actually told me the other day it wasn’t that open [and] closed as I thought. He really had to convince Rupert’s agent that this was a good thing.

It might not have been a simple task, but luckily they pulled it off and produced an iconic music video.

Sheeran’s manager carries a picture of the Weasely twins in his wallet.

Sheeran and his Camp manager share a friendly rivalry over “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings”.

Sheeran likes to incorporate something strange into his management contract. Currently, Camp must always have a photo of James and Oliver Phelps as the Weasely twins in his wallet due to the aforementioned friendly rivalry.

[Stuart] I was always posing the movies and saying it was a bunch of shit so when we got to re-signing our management contract[…]because he didn’t like the “harry potter” movies like i was you must have a picture of fred and george weasley in your wallet at all times and when you do a photoshoot for a magazine you must hold it .

Sheeran’s favorite character is Luna Lovegood.

When asked what normal means to him, Sheeran responded with “boringBefore explaining that he likes eccentricity, which attracted him to a particular character in the Potter series.

My favorite character has always been Luna Lovegood[…]somebody [who] dance to the beat of their own drum and don’t care what people think of them.

Harry potter was the first book he read.

Like many people who grew up with the series, Sheeran revealed he wasn’t a reader before taking Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. However, after his brother became obsessed with the boy wizard, Sheeran wanted a piece of magic, and for a while, the Potter books were among the only books he read.

Harry Potter was for a long time the first and only book I read. Other than that and Philip Pullman’s books, I didn’t read any books until my honeymoon.

Sheeran turns to the Potter movies for more comfort.

In the podcast’s quick questions section, Sheeran not only revealed that the Potter movies are his favorite movies but he can watch them for more comfort. Recently, on a flight back from the US to the UK, Sheeran turned to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 to make the time pass.

There is solace in there because you grew up with them. You can put them anywhere anytime of the day and you can start anytime and they are awesome.

We learned a lot in this special episode of Normal Not normal! Season 3 of the podcast is slated for later this year; until then we are going marathon Potter movies like world superstar Ed Sheeran.

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