Five magical beasts Hogwarts Legacy fans can expect to encounter in the game

Wizarding fans are holding their hippogriffs to play at the next Hogwarts Legacy. The game will make every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true, including fans who also loved Fantastic Beasts.


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Throughout the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast series, fans encounter various magical beasts. Additionally, we see many wizards and witches using these beasts on a daily basis. As fans, we all wanted to experience this wizarding world, including having a magical beast.


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Avalanche Software is developing an action RPG game based on the wizarding world. The game revolves around a fifth-year Hogwarts student, and the game is set in the 1800s, a time that takes place before the events of the Harry Potter films.

It has many features like attending various classes to learn different magics and potions. Additionally, fans could tame several magical beasts. Let’s take a look at some of the magical beasts available in the game.


All wizarding fans are familiar with hippogriffs, the half-horse, half-eagle creatures. Hippogriffs have the head, front legs and wings of an eagle while the body, hind legs and tail of a horse. Moreover, this magical beast is famous for its immensely proud nature.

Throughout the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay reveal, we see our playable character riding a hippogriff. They could be part of the class of magical beasts like in the movie. However, taming one might not be easy as they are extremely dangerous. They have an XXX rating, which means only competent wizards should be around these beasts.


After Hipogliffs, the other four-legged winged horse beings are the Thestrals. We have seen the player interact with certain Testrals in the game. These mystical beings are invisible to those who have never seen death. However, those who witnessed these beings were able to see a beast with a skeletal face and body with bat wings.

Thestrals generally appear as calm beasts. But they are rated XXXX because they can attack those who threaten them. Thus, wizards must be careful around them. These mythical beings are also very intelligent and can reach a destination just by hearing about the destination. So it may not be easy to get one.

moon calf

Do you remember Newt Scamander feeding a herd of magical little beasts with smooth, pale gray skin and four spindly legs that ended in large, flat webbed feet? Well, Mooncalf also has a long neck and bulging eyes. Moreover, he is famous for dancing in the moonlight.

The Ministry of Magic has listed Mooncalf as XX, meaning they are harmless magical beings. Also, Mooncalf droppings before sunrise can help magic plants grow stronger and faster. So maybe having a moon calf can help the player in the gameplay.


One of the magical beasts we see in most Hogwarts Legacy reveals and tweets is Graphorns. These magical beasts were revealed to fans in the first Fantastic Beast movie, where Newt Scamander raised the final pair of breeding Gracorns.

These beasts are classified XXXX because their species is endangered. The game is set in an era before Newt Scamander. Thus, we could protect these beings from extinction. Grahorns were hunted for their horns as they are used in making various potions. It would be fascinating to tame one of these mythical beings.



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Do you remember the magical fluffy furry beast from the Fantastic Beast movies? Nifflers are long snouts and a coat of black furry beasts that are kleptomaniac in nature as they steal shiny objects and can store a significant number of things in their small pockets.

Many curse breakers and goblins use these magical beasts to search for hidden treasures, even in cursed sites. Even though they are adorable and harmless by nature, they have an XXX rating because it is difficult to deal with these mini creatures which can wreak havoc if not handled properly.


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Hogwarts Legacy could feature many other magical beasts to tame. It would be fascinating to tame these mythical beings. Are you excited to play Hogwarts Legacy?

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