Fantastic Beasts Should Copy the DCEU to Save the Wizarding World Franchise

Instead of expanding Fantastic Beasts into five films and ignoring other stories, Warner Bros. should focus on standalone movies like the DCEU.

Fantastic Beasts’ the future of the film should copy the new model of the DCEU to save the future of the Wizarding World franchise. fantastic beasts and where to find them expanded the Wizarding World in an unprecedented way when it premiered in 2016, but sticking to the same storyline for four more films is a mistake. By launching a years-long exploration of Newt Scamander’s tale, Warner Bros. destroyed any opportunity to examine other aspects of magical society. the fantastic beasts The franchise forces Warner Bros into a shared universe where Newt’s story is artificially tied to pre-war events between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Instead of trying to bind fantastic beasts for Harry Potterthe studio should follow the DCEU’s lead and invest in standalone films, opening the door to endless possibilities.


fantastic beasts was an excellent first step after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series in 2011. As Harry Potter, the first film was imaginative and transporting, bringing a zoo of magical creatures to life with jaw-dropping special effects. The film introduced audiences to Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), an eccentric and socially awkward “magizoologist” who understands animals better than humans. After traveling to New York, Newt is drawn into the hunt for a mysterious and destructive new magical creature, which turns out to be an “Obscurus”, a manifestation of dark, uncontrolled magic. In a controversial ending, the film’s final scenes reveal that the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald had attempted to capture and control the Obscurus, only to be defeated by Newt.

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The following, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, jumps from this point, introducing Newt as an unsung hero in the battle against Grindelwald and turning the series into a tale of Dumbledore’s rivalry with the Dark Wizard. Although the sequel dives into Newt’s backstory, exploring his romantic relationship with Leta Lestrange, the plot centers around Grindelwald’s efforts to gain power. By extending the fantastic beasts movies, Warner Bros. has created a second franchise, which, while interesting, undercuts the first movie’s best features. As an independent film, fantastic beasts was fresh, engaging and well written. Warner Bros. should try to repeat that success with other standalone movies examining secondary characters and unexplored aspects of the wizarding world.

Warner Bros should remove a page from the DCEU playbook for any future fantastic beasts Wizarding World movies or movies. wonder woman and Shazam! were both fun and dramatic and contained stories that contrasted with the complexity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, requiring no background knowledge from the audience. With people like bat girl, blue beetle and black adam all promising new separate chapters in the upcoming DCEU slate, it looks like Warner Bros. has learned the lessons of the Snyderverse era and overreliance on building a Justice League movie. The same consideration should be made for the expansion of the wizarding world.

Like the first fantastic beasts movie, DC’s standalone films are successful because they take risks, introducing new characters and elements. The new content is especially appealing to audiences who may be tired of big franchises. Like the world of superheroes, the wizarding world contains a wide variety of characters to introduce and stories to explore. JK Rowling‘s detailed magical universe, encompassing decades of wizarding history, is rich with possibilities. What fan wouldn’t want to see the four founders of Hogwarts on the big screen, or the original Order of Phoenix? By devoting himself to the five-film fantastic beasts franchise, Warner Bros rule out other magical adventures.

One of Warner Bros. biggest mistakes is their attempt to claw back success by repeating the Harry Potter formula. contrary to fantastic beaststhe seven-movie Harry Potter the series had a finished, pre-planned narrative and a loyal following. Newt’s narrative, on the other hand, has yet to be concluded, with many elements of the story development dependent on revenue and reception. By extending the series, the studio creates a large and unwieldy plot. Instead of exploring new characters and ideas, the series retreads old ground, attempting to entice fans by answering the unanswered questions of the Harry Potter universe – i.e. what is the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald? Who is Nagini?

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Building on an established fanbase isn’t a completely unsuccessful strategy, but it’s hard to sustain. An inclination towards melodrama was already apparent in the fantastic beasts sequel, when, in another controversial twist, ostracized wizard Credence was revealed to be Dumbledore’s long-lost brother. By sticking to the proven format, Warner Bros creates competition between fantastic beasts and Harry Potter that he cannot hope to win.

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