Fans outraged after JK Rowling’s alleged trial on Tweet

Minus the people living under the rocks, pretty much everyone knows that Jk rowling has been the center of an extreme amount of controversy lately. Many were angry when she expressed anti-trans views with Daniel Radcliffe condemning her on the subject and Fantastic beasts Star Eddie Redmayne said he would be uncomfortable working with her in the future. Harry potter actress Miriam Margoyles even went so far as to call her a fascist.

While Rowling has already threatened numerous lawsuits for contradicting her point of view, even on a children’s site, it seems that this time is the last straw for many fans. Using Twitter @ no1guncle posted an apology for a quote tweet related to Rowling saying, “I ignored the porn tweeted at kids on a thread about their art.” He has been alleged by many as a writer Diane anderson that the user was likely sued for the tweet.

Writer Karen Geier also opened up on why someone would come under pressure from such a lawsuit, explaining why it was heinous that the rich and famous Rowling used that kind of pressure to silence someone. in a Tweet.

“It costs around £ 20,000 to fight a libel case in England and Jk Rowling has targeted a queer person for capturing his exact words.”

His alleged actions sparked outrage on Twitter, with many users coming out and posting to show their support, some even going so far as to tweet the quote and images of Rowling’s tweets themselves in an attempt to make them impossible to get through. pursue all.

Some underlined the potential lawsuit may have triggered the Streisand effect – an attempt to hide, suppress, or censor information that unintentionally increases awareness of that information – so now more people than ever know she has makes this tweet and tries to silence people with experience lawsuits.

With some still raging on his other book Troubled blood and more people are exposed to his behavior now than ever before, it will be interesting to see if JK Rowling can get his reputation back in the future or if sales of his works will continue to decline because of his actions.

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