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The Broadway world was shocked when Beanie Feldstein announced she would be leaving the revival of ‘Funny Girl’ after roterrible three monthss in the role of actress Fanny Brice. The show debuted in April 2022 to poor reviews, and although Feldstein was originally slated to leave in September, she brought forward its release to July, saying the production wanted to “take the show in a different direction.”

As the saying goes, “the show must go on” so Lea Michele will step into the lead role. This type of substitution is not uncommon, as dozens of theater productions, TV shows, and major movies have been forced to recast major characters over the years for a variety of reasons. (Find out what famous actors did next after their breakout roles.)

24/7 Tempo reviewed entertainment sources such as Vulture, Screeningand The envelope to compile a list of high-profile film, television, and stage roles that were recast during production, between film sequels, or during the series. Additional data comes from IMDban online movie and TV series database owned by Amazon.

Often, actors want to find a new role instead of reprising a previous character and leave a production out of court. Sometimes, however, redesigns are the result of messy behind-the-scenes drama. The stars have dropped projects due to creative differences and contract disputes. Other times, artists are fired for on-set misconduct or other high-profile bad behavior that could negatively affect the film at the box office. (It was the scandals that shocked Hollywood.)

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Taking over from an actor in the role he made famous isn’t always easy. Replacement performers can sometimes seamlessly slip into the room and fans will barely notice the change. Other times, shaking up the main cast can upset the chemistry that made a show or movie a success and make the sequel feel like a cynical studio cash grab, rather than the continuation of a story.

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