Escape to Hogwarts with Potted Potter

Fifteen years ago, Daniel Clarkson and Jeff Turner were tasked with entertaining the masses as they waited in a bookstore in London to pick up a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The penultimate book in the much-loved series saw people queuing from midnight at the store.

Thus, the duo used their knowledge of the world to create Pot potter.

“Myself and Jeff, who I created the series with, came up with the idea to do five books in five minutes, while the crowds waited to give them a recap before getting their hands on the sixth book” , said Dan.

Then it became so much more – they expanded it into a 70-minute stage show that has since toured the world, entertaining audiences across Australia, the UK and the US .

“We took it to the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland where I remember we played in a church hall for 50 people and we did that for a summer,” Dan said.

“We then added the sixth book and it became very popular. At the end, a producer had asked us to develop a tour with him. So we started shooting in the UK. We added the seventh book and kind of ended up in the West End in London.

While playing at the West End, someone from America saw the show which kicked off an American tour.

From there they came to Australia and the rest is history.

They can’t believe the trip they’ve been on.

“We were just fans who loved Harry Potter,” Dan said.

“We loved the books and loved what they were all about and enjoyed the movies and we were like, ‘well, that’s great fun, we can pretend we’re wizards for a living’ and never in our wildest dreams never thought it would be here.

“There are so many pinches we have to dream about – we’re waiting for immigration to realize we’re just two buddies having fun and sending us home.”

The show is perfect for Potter fans but also suitable for those who have no idea about the series.

“So potter in pot attempts to tell all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes,” Dan said.

“It’s a two-person show with a guy who plays Harry Potter, which lets me play the other 360 characters.

“So I play everyone from Ron and Dumbledore to the unnamed and I even do a great Hermione.

“As a six-foot-five man, that alone is worth the ticket price,” he added with a laugh.

“And then, in all this chaos, we also have the first-ever live theatrical quidditch game.

“So a lot happens in 70 minutes.”

Dan says everyone is having a magic moment.

In just a few days, Newcastle will be entitled to this “merry mess”.

From Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April Potted Potter will stop at the Civic Theatre.

The cast will perform five shows, they hope as many people as possible will show up.

“If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you have to be there,” Dan said.

“We’d love to meet you and we’d love for you to meet like-minded Potter fans.

“If you don’t know anything about Harry Potter, where have you been?”

“I mean we had a two-year lockdown which was long enough to read all the books, but it’s a great introduction to the world.

“It’s a parody and there are so many other pop culture references and jokes about pop stars and different movies.

“It’s literally just that everyone comes together and has a really good laugh for 70 minutes.

“We hope you leave the theater feeling good.”

Dan says it’s a dream to return to the stage after two difficult years.

“I think it’s great that we can finally come back this way and celebrate and have fun together again,” he said.

“I think everyone missed each other and it’s really nice to be together again.”

Although a bit sunburned, Dan is loving his second visit to Australia and can’t wait to come to Newcastle – it will be his first time here.

For more information or to buy tickets Click here.

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