Emma Watson said that “would actually kill me” if someone else played Hermione

Like millions of people, Emma Watson grew up loving the Harry potter books. His love affair with the series began when the actor’s father read excerpts from books to him about long car journeys. So when she learned that kids her age were auditioning for a film adaptation, she jumped at the chance. Despite intense competition, she always knew the role of Hermione Granger was hers.

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Although Watson’s parents tried to keep her down about being thrown into the Harry Pottér films, she would not be discouraged. She felt such a deep connection with the shrewd young witch that she couldn’t imagine losing this role. Coincidentally, it was Watson’s confidence that helped her stand out in auditions and she ultimately got the role of Hermione.

Why Watson Considered Leaving the “Harry Potter” Movies

While Watson was eternally grateful for the opportunity to be in the Harry potter films, it was a massive undertaking and commitment. Watson has spent over a decade portraying Hermoine onscreen and there have been times she considered giving it all up. Filming the films required a busy schedule, which meant that Watson had to sacrifice other experiences. Like her character, the Noah The star hated to miss the opportunity to continue her education and she considered stepping away from the franchise to pursue further education.

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David Heyman, who was a producer on the Harry potter films, recalled Watson’s deep love for learning. “Emma Watson, in particular, was quite academic and was very keen to continue her education and struggled a bit more than the rest,” he shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “So every time there was a negotiation, it was not a question of [matter], it was really about “Do I wanna be a part of this?”

‘Little Women’ star felt deeply attached to her character, Hermoine Granger

Watson may have considered stepping away from the franchise, but she ultimately stayed because she couldn’t stand seeing another actor play Hermoine. In a press conference for Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireWatson shared that she put too much of herself in her character that she could just give up the role to another actor. “I know if anyone else played Hermione it would actually kill me,” she shared. “I wouldn’t be able to handle this at all. I would go after her.

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Watson finally got his bachelor’s degree from Brown University

We are sure that fans of Harry potter are happy that she decided to stay for all eight films. And, finally, she was able to pursue higher education as she wanted. In May 2014, she graduated from Brown University (an Ivy League institution) with a degree in English Literature. While graduating, she was still able to work on acting jobs. Being in a popular franchise might not always have been easy, but Watson seems to have made it work.

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