Emma Watson reveals her first big madness with her “Harry Potter” money

It’s no secret that Emma Watson is worth a ridiculous amount of money. The actor made millions from his portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Eight Harry potter movies. And the British actor has only increased his net worth since leaving the massive franchise. To date, Watson is worth $ 85 million.

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Although Watson was making a lot of money from the Harry potter movies, especially after renegotiations, she wasn’t sure how much money she had for a while. However, when she learned about her true net worth from her father, she had a pretty intense reaction.

Emma Watson was emotional after her father revealed her net worth

“By the third or fourth movie, the money started to get serious,” Watson said in an interview with British Vogue. “I had no idea. I was feeling sick, very emotional. It can be hard for some fans to believe that Watson didn’t know how much money she was making. However, for years she only received about $ 75 a week in stipend While that’s a ton of money for the average teenager, spending $ 300 a month did little to reduce Watson’s bottom line.

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But even after Watson got more comfortable with her net worth, she still made sure to spend her money wisely. In a conversation with Magazine interview, Watson was asked about his first craze with her Harry potter money. Like Hermoine, the Little woman the actor shared that she made some very convenient purchases. Watson shared that she brought herself a laptop before revealing that she bought a vehicle. “Oh, I got myself a car,” she shared.

“Little Women” actor bought a car with his “Harry Potter” money

With Watson’s net worth, she could have afforded any luxury vehicle. But the bibliophile hasn’t bought a Mercedes, a BMW or any other car at a crazy price. Instead, she opted for a Toyota Prius. The Harry potter alum admitted that his friends thought his car left something to be desired. However, she shared that she was happy with her purchase.

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“I got my license last year and love the Prius, even though my friends say it’s ugly,” Watson said of his very first car. “They say I drive a brick. And, to be fair, it’s not the prettiest car on the road, but it’s good for the environment. It’s sane and boring, like me.

Watson gave his father a well-deserved vacation

But there was some madness that Watson made with her Harry potter a little less practical and a little more sentimental money. The actor decided to give his father an Italian vacation. Watson shared that her dad worked hard and wanted to give him a vacation. “I took my father to Tuscany,” she shared. “He works so hard, dad, so I called his secretary and asked him when he was free, and booked us a vacation.”

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It’s kind of cute that one of Watson’s first big follies was a present for his father. Considering that it was he who made him discover the Harry potter pounds, it seems the vacation was well deserved.

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