Emma Watson got angry after Maggie Smith told her to ‘take control’

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, Emma Watson always knew she should play Hermione Granger in the Harry potter movies. Even though she didn’t have professional credits like some of the other actors who auditioned for the films, she was still confident. Watson developed a passion for acting through school plays and small performances. This passion would continue to grow after working on the Harry potter films with veteran actors like Maggie Smith.

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To say that Watson was ready to take on the role of Hermione would be an understatement. She spent many consecutive hours reviewing her hearing and trying to make it perfect. By the time she did her first screen test, she had not only memorized all of Hermione’s lines, but Ron and Harry’s as well. But despite all his preparation, Watson still wasn’t comfortable seeing himself onscreen.

Emma Watson was super nervous watching the movies she was in

Of course, many actors are uncomfortable watching their on-screen performances. And since Watson was just a child during the first couple of Harry potter movies, it is understandable that she is uncomfortable. In an interview with Late Night With David Letterman, Watson spoke about how nervous she would be looking at herself on screen.

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“You know, it’s funny,” Watson began when asked if she was nervous looking at herself. “I used to do at the beginning Harry potter movie theater. I would get very nervous. I was sort of twisting like a pretzel in my seat and biting my nails and things. Continuing, Watson shared that his colleague Harry potter alum, Maggie Smith, gave him some great advice. According to Noah actor, the advice helped her overcome her fear.

Maggie Smith told Watson to take control

“I’m pretty sure it was Maggie Smith who told me that,” Watson recalls. “It’s been 10 years now, so I sometimes have a hard time remembering. But uh – she said, you know, she basically said, ‘How do you hope to improve if you don’t watch your performance? And I said, ‘Well that’s a good point’ and yes. She kind of told me to take control and since then I’ve watched my performance.

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Smith channeled his ‘Harry Potter’ character Minerva McGonagall

It’s only fitting that Smith was the one who gave Watson such helpful but straightforward advice. After all, in the Harry potter films, Smith portrayed Professor Minerva McGonagall. McGonagall was famous for being a fair but unadorned witch who had high expectations for all of her students. It looks like Smith may have taken a page from her character’s book to give Watson the advice she needed. And given that the advice ultimately helped her overcome her fears, we’re sure Watson was grateful to have it.

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