Take the lead in vegan book clubs! He’s about to be a cool new kid on the block, ready to spark fascinating discussions and provoke insightful thinking. English animal and environmental rights activist Ed Winters AKA Ed earthy is preparing to release their first book titled “This Is Vegan Propaganda & Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You”.

Earthling Ed is well known for his poised and logical arguments with non-vegans, skeptics and anti-vegans, which the public can see on his Youtube channel. As a result of this plethora of interactions and conversations with leading experts, Ed was determined to bring this crucial knowledge to the community.

“I wanted to write a book that would empower vegans and ultimately make you more confident to talk about veganism with the non-vegans in your life. After completing this book, you will know in detail the compelling arguments of #veganism and also have a deep understanding of the cultural, social and psychological drivers that influence our behaviors, ”he says in his candid social media post.

In his statement to Plant news, says Winters: “My goal is for the book to give readers the knowledge to better understand veganism, the arguments used against it – and how to respond to them. I wrote It’s vegan propaganda to create a book on veganism that is important for everyone to read.

The book, published by Penguin Random House, will delve deeper into the ethical arguments that justify a vegan lifestyle, the environmental crises that require a shift to a vegan world, health, and how our relationship with other earthlings can make or break it. existence of our species. on our humble planet.

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It’s vegan propaganda has already received accolades from experts and celebrities, from Harvard University professor Dr Sparsha Saha, to vegan musician Moby. Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch is enthusiastic that this book should be the first place to go if one is “looking to learn more about veganism from a well-founded, truthful and fully-informed source.” “. Best-selling author Matt Haig joins the fan club and claims this book is “Everything You Wanted To Know About Veganism But Were Afraid To Ask.”

These Wisdom Pages will hit shelves on January 6, 2022 and are currently available for Pre-order.

Shriya is a VEGWORLD writer and founder of Nourish by Shriya– its vegan hospitality consulting service which helps local businesses in St. Louis attract vegan customers. She is a mentor with Mentorship for animal activism, enjoys volunteering at The Gentle Barn, Missouri and currently lives in St. Louis with her rescued dog Halley.

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