Democrat Michael Bennet tops GOP challenger Joe O’Dea in Q2 and holds big cash advantage | Election 2022

Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is heading into the general election with nearly 10 times more money than his Republican opponent, Joe O’Dea, according to fundraising totals released by the Colorado candidates’ campaigns.

Bennet, who is seeking a third term, raised $3.3 million for the second quarter and ended the period with $8 million in the bank, setting personal quarterly bests in both cases, his campaign said Thursday.

That compares to nearly $2 million raised by O’Dea in the three months that ended June 30, including $1 million in candidate loans. O’Dea ended the quarter with $840,000 in his campaign coffers, a spokesperson said.

Detailed quarterly filings, expected by midnight Friday, will update pre-primary reports covering candidate fundraising and spending through June 8.

Bennet’s campaign said the average contribution from more than 25,000 donors throughout the second quarter was $23.71, with 95% of contributions being less than $200. To date, according to his campaign, the Democrat has more than 70,000 individual donors to his re-election campaign. O’Dea’s campaign did not provide details on its financial report.

“These second-quarter fundraising reports underscore the differences between the two candidates in this race,” Bennet’s campaign manager Justin Lamorte said in a statement. “While O’Dea spent the early days of the general election relaxing in his multimillion-dollar vacation home, Michael criss-crossed Colorado drawing large crowds of volunteers.”

After beating State Rep. Ron Hanks by 9 points to win the June 28 GOP nomination, O’Dea tweeted a message on July 4 of Grand Lake, where he owns a home, marking Independence Day. The next day, O’Dea tweeted a message celebrating his wife’s birthday, amid a steady stream of attacks on Bennett and Democrats over inflation, rising gas prices and of crime.

“Nothing in life has ever been given to me. I prefer that – hard work. Taking zero for granted,” O’Dea said in a statement released with his fundraising total.

“This primary was no different and that’s okay; I’m running to be a voice for working Americans – to bring common sense to DC. No political party will own me, and I’ll work with anyone to advance the Colorado.”

In a failed attempt to encourage diehard Republicans to back O’Dea’s chief rival, Democratic groups spent millions of dollars during the primary on statewide and shipper TV ads. astutely calling Hanks “too conservative” and comparing the records of the two GOP candidates on gun control, infrastructure spending and other issues.

O’Dea held an overwhelming fundraising advantage over Hanks, who ran as the party’s popular choice after becoming the only U.S. Senate candidate to walk out of the state’s Republican Assembly in April.

For the 10-week preschool period from April 1 to June 8, O’Dea raised about $885,000 — including a $500,000 loan from the contestant — and had $1 million on hand, while Hanks only raised only $67,000 and had about $20,000 to spend. Bennet raised just over $2 million during the same period and finished with nearly $7 million in the bank, according to preprimary reports submitted on June 15.

While Bennet’s war chest eclipses O’Dea’s, it’s not the most cash a US Senate candidate from Colorado had on hand in late June as the race swings to the fall elections.

Two years ago, Republican U.S. Senator Cory Gardner brought in nearly $10.7 million in the bank, more than double the $4.6 million brought in by his Democratic challenger, John Hickenlooper, who ousted the incumbent four months later.

Bennet had just over $6 million in hand at the end of the second quarter in his last run in 2016, while his Republican opponent, then El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, had less than $60,000. in the bank after winning a five-way match. primary.

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