Daniel Radcliffe received a sweet birthday message from Weird Al Yankovic, who also dropped a fun fact about the actor

Daniel Radcliffe recently celebrated his 33rd trip around the sun, and it’s a little shocking when you think about how far he’s come since his broomstick days as Harry Potter. “The Boy Who Lived” may be the one that gets a year older, but it seems like if anyone thinks about his age, it’s Weird Al Yankovic – the subject of Radcliffe’s latest ‘weird’ project. The songwriting genius shared a sweet birthday message with the actor who portrays him in Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovicand in doing so divulged some anecdotes related to their comparative ages.

When Weird Al Yankovic chose Daniel Radcliffe to represent him in the Roku Channel comic biopic, he apparently had a pretty “white and nerdy” reason for doing it. But although the duo are kindred spirits in their love of satirical songwriting, Yankovic took note of the generation gap that exists between the two, as he wished the actor a happy birthday on Twitter. He wrote:

Happy birthday to the great Daniel Radcliffe, who was born exactly two days after the release of my LAST film. #Actual fact

It only took a quick fact check to see that indeed, The lost city the villain was born on July 23, 1989, while Weird Al Yankovic’s cult classic UHF premiered in theaters on July 21, 1989. Weird Al’s fun fact is by no means an indication that the polka master hasn’t done anything of note over the past 33 years. Eight of his 14 studio albums were released after the birth of Daniel Radcliffe, and apart from his music, Weird Al has made many cameos in movies and TV showshas been a music video director, has done voice acting for a number of animated series and much more.

The accordionist didn’t have to point out that he’s been working longer than Daniel Radcliffe has been alive to earn the actor’s respect, as Radcliffe has shown. he takes his job – and Weird Al’s iconic Hawaiian shirts – very seriously. The first official look at Radcliffe as Yankovic features the wig used to recreate the Grammy-winning satirist’s curly hair, but the actor felt that growing his own mustache was the best way to embody his subject.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story was actually conceived in 2010 (for those counting, when Daniel Radcliffe was 21), when Eric Appel was writing and directing a trailer for Funny or Die with the same title. In this trailer, Aaron Paul played the main character. Paul was actually supposed to make a surprise appearance in the Daniel Radcliffe-directed film, but COVID ruined those plans. Madonna’s role has also been recast since the Appel sketch in 2010. Evan Rachel Wood has been cast as the Material Girlreplacing Olivia Wilde.

Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic will follow the musician throughout his long and illustrious career, beginning with the early days of his rise to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with parodies of hits by artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Joan Jett, to name a few. The Roku Channel hasn’t announced a release date for the biopic, but in the meantime be sure to check out our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to see what movies are hitting theaters soon.

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