Chee Soon Juan says Orange & Teal could be the “nest” of the next Hemingway or JK Rowling

Singapore – Opposition leader and now restaurateur Chee Soon Juan dreamed aloud of the possibilities for his cafe, Orange & Teal, in his last Facebook post.

“JK Rowling, TS Elliot and Ernest Hemingway wrote much of their writing in cafes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Orange & Teal could be the nest of the next great S’porian writer? ” he wrote Wednesday (January 19).

Dr Chee, General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Singapore, was marking the sixth month of his cafe, which he described as the realization of a long-term dream, when he announced the opening of Orange & Teal at the Rochester Mall in June of last year. .

In his message, Dr Chee thanked everyone who supported his efforts in opening the cafe, saying the first half of the year has “been an exciting start – not without bumps – and we look forward to the next 6 months”.

The veteran politician also wrote that Orange & Teal is also “a miniature version of my vision for Singapore – a place where intelligence, grace and compassion flourish”.

He then further explained this vision:

I want to create a space where intelligent conversations and even intense debates take place, where thinkers come to exercise their minds and writers go wild with their imaginations.

I want to foster a community where grace and culture soothe our weary souls; create a playground where our artists and musicians come to comfort and inspire us.

I want to build a home where compassion becomes second nature to us, a place where we reach out and uplift others.

He closed his post by saying it’s something he’s worked his whole life “to build for in Singapore, and now I have the chance to demonstrate it in a small but real way in this little corner of Rochester. Mall”.

Dr. Chee also invited others to share this vision.

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“Come and have a meal or a cup of coffee and in doing so, help me build this vision of an intelligent, cultured and compassionate Singapore.”

Many netizens responded to his post, with some already calling the cafe, which opened amid the challenges of the pandemic, a success.

Others shared photos from their own visit to Orange & Teal.

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One commenter even compared the coffee to the coffee in the hit American sitcom Friends.


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