Check out this Harry Potter-themed hedgehog farm in Colorado

Cuteness overload here. This place would be a dream come true for my wife who loves hedgehogs … and is a Harry Potter fanatic. For me I’m all about the hedgehogs but just a little lukewarm on Harry Potter but I’d be willing to check this place out, especially since these super cute hedgehogs are decked out in Harry Potter style hats. (I want to see one in a dress … that would be epic).

According to Outthere Colorado, (and it’s really over there) … Cheyenne Ellis, who is from Colorado Springs, put her love for hedgehogs and Harry Potter and reduced those two things into something pretty amazing, a farm of hedgehog farm where the animals are decked out in tiny Harry Potter hats. How ADORABLE!

Not only does Cheyenne dress these little hedgehogs in little wizarding hats, but she also has a Harry Potter-themed name.

There must be a way to make Harry Potter-like dresses for these cute little cuties too because that would be insanely awesome.

SOCO Hogwarts is the real name of the business Cheyenne decided to go into during the pandemic. She not only uplifts them, but cares for them and educates people about them as well. She’s like a big hedgehog whisperer.

Animals in general are truly a passion for Cheyenne and her husband. They really love all kinds of animals, in fact they have 4 dogs, three horses, two turtles, a turtle and a chinchilla … oh and let’s not forget the “hedgies”.

Fancy a hedgehog? Discover SOCO Hogwarts.

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