Canceled Harry Potter MMO Revealed By Former EA Developer

At one point, EA was working on an ambitious Harry potter MMO, but unfortunately the game was canceled during development. In 2022, WB Games should be released Hogwarts Legacy, the first one Harry potter game of consequence in a moment, but far from the first. During the peak of Harry potter, there was a lot Harry potter games released. In 2021, the series isn’t as popular, but it remains a great intellectual property and one that fans desperately want to see more of. Hogwarts Legacy hopes to fill this void, but in an alternate universe, it is possible that this void is already filled by a Harry potter MMO.

The news of the canned MMO comes from a former director of product marketing at EA, Kimberly Salze, who, when asked about canceled games during her career, recalled that the MMO. According to Salze, the MMO was advanced enough in its development, or at least advanced enough to have a beta version. During this time, there were plans to combine both the offline and online experience and integrate real life by sending players things like prizes and ribbons they won in the game.

It’s unclear exactly when the project was canned, but Salze was with EA from 2000 to 2003, according to his LinkedIn page. During this window is when the first two movies are released. During this time, World of warcraft wasn’t even released, only released in 2004. In other words, there may be a parallel universe out there where an Harry potter The MMO has become one of the most popular games of all time, not Wow.

As to why the game was canceled, Salze doesn’t go into details, but notes that this was a transitional step for EA and because supervisors didn’t believe the IP had a endurance. Obviously, they were wrong.

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