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If you really want to video chat tonight with William Hung from the famous retro American Idol… do you have twenty dollars to lose? Yesterday, Cameo launched its Cameo Calls products, which allow fans to video chat for up to 15 minutes one-on-one with their favorite influencers and celebrities. The talent sets the length, time, and price of their call, which Cameo says averages around $ 31.

To book a call, users can access the Cameo website or app to see a schedule of upcoming Cameo calls that they can purchase. These also appear on the Cameo pages for each talent. When you buy a Cameo Call, you get a unique ticket code that you enter into the app to join your call.

In June 2020, Cameo allowed users to book Zoom calls with celebrities as lockdown became a global standard, but Cameo phased out this feature in April. Instead, Cameo Calls now offers a native in-app experience, rather than relying on third-party software. The downside for consumers, however, is that it’s harder to invite your favorite reality TV star to your desktop Zoom happy hour. But on the bright side, Cameo Calls include a dedicated photoshoot at the end of the call, so you can get your celebrity selfie without having to worry about the embarrassment of asking to take a photo.

Experiences like Cameo Calls make sense in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, when celebrity dating may not be safe in many places. But Cameo also believes that this product can replace a typical encounter, even in “normal” times. Often times, celebrity dating requires a long queue to only have 5 or 10 seconds with the talent. Even though many Cameo Calls sessions are only a few minutes long, you might be able to have a more personal experience than if you were the 100th fan of a long queue in person.

“We anticipate that the Cameo Calls will replace meetups and greetings at music festivals and world tours, fan conventions, sporting events, and so on. Said Steven Galanis, co-founder and CEO of Cameo.

Cameo says it has tested this product with more than 3,000 calls – themed talented meetups, coffee talks, private concerts and tarot card readings. Artists who tested the feature included James and Oliver Phelps, who played the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter films, and David Henrie, a former Disney Channel star.

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