Best ‘Harry Potter’ Photoshoots During Warner Bros. Studios Tour at Hollywood

Are you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive? Well, wait no longer. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood in Burbank, California gives you the chance to be surrounded by tons of Hogwarts letters while standing in the Dursleys’ living room. It is only one of many Harry potter-inspired photo ops included in the newly imagined backlot tour. There are also Insta-worthy moments that include repotting mandrakes, attending potions classes, and even relaxing in the Harry Potter closet under the stairs.

Those Perfect Moments are all part of the regular Studio Tour ($ 69), which just reopened to the public on June 26. If you’ve been on the Warner. Before Bros Studio Tour, this upgraded version is a completely different experience. You will always have the chance to take the tour of the working backyard to see things like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls and sound stages for shows like Friends. But once the guided portion is over, this is where the real magic begins.

Your group will be dropped off at the all-new interactive Action and Magic Made Here experience, which includes props and costumes used in both the DC and Harry potter cinema. The Wizarding World section is where you will find Harry potter sets that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the movies you know and love. So if you’re looking at Accio for some major tastes on the ‘Gram, you’ll definitely want to snap some photos in these eight Harry potter-theme photo ops on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.


Stand by the cup of the three wizards

You’ll begin your tour at the all-new Visitor Center, which includes a Starbucks so you can grab a latte while you wait for your journey to begin. Near the Starbucks is a giant cup of the three wizards of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Get a photo standing next to the mug with your own coffee mug in hand.


Prepare something together in potions class

In this area which looks exactly like the Hogwarts Potions class, you can mix up your own Common Poison Antidote. If you add all the right ingredients, like mistletoe berry and unicorn horn, your brew will turn blue and smoke will appear.

Record yourself mixing your own potion in a TikTok or Boomerang video for the ‘Gram. You can also just stand in front of all the jars of ingredients that line the back wall of the classroom.


Learn wand choreography from the movies

Near the potions class you will see an interactive area where you can learn real wand choreography from the Harry potter cinema. Your lesson might help you choose cool poses to do in your various Insta shots. You can even try out one of the poses right away for a cute photo standing in front of the shelves of chopsticks. Looks like you are in the middle of the Ollivanders wand shop.


Head to the Great Hall to be sorted into your Hogwarts house

If you’ve been on the tour before, you might remember that there was a chance for you to be sorted into your Hogwarts house before. However, they have totally improved the experience for this new tour. Now you will be sorted by the Sorting Hat when you are seated in the Great Hall. You will feel like Harry Potter in his first year at Hogwarts. Have a friend take a photo of you sitting with the Sorting Hat above your head and label it with your house motto.


Repot mandrake in a Hogwarts greenhouse

In front of the Great Hall, you will find a Hogwarts greenhouse where you can take herbalist lessons. Lesson of the day: repotting mandrakes. If you’ve forgotten your earmuffs, no worries. The cries of the mandrake are not as severe as in the movie. However, it could make a cute pic of you pulling a mandrake with one hand while covering your ears with the other.


Visit Newt Scamander’s Workshop Fantastic beasts

There is not only Harry potter sets, but there is a section dedicated to Fantastic beasts series too. In it, you can look out the window of Newt Scamander’s workshop to see all of the magical creatures. Take a photo as if you are looking for something or get a Boomerang out of you from Newt’s magical suitcase.


Receive your Hogwarts letter in the Dursleys living room

This is your chance to surround yourself with a ton of Hogwarts letters. This Harry potter-The inspired photoshoot is probably the coolest on the tour and looks like the scene from Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone when all the letters fly into the Dursleys house from the fireplace. At the right angle, the room will appear filled with letters. You can even snap an adorable photo leaning against the Dursley coat, which features real photos of Dudley, Uncle Vernon, and Aunt Petunia.


Hanging out in Harry’s closet under the stairs

Of course, you can’t leave without taking a look at the infamous Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs. Sit on his bed admiring all the trinkets he has on his shelves, like a Beanie Baby and an apple. Take a selfie around the room or have your friend take a photo of you inside with the door open.

If you are truly looking to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, the all-new Warner Bros. Studio Tour does exactly that. It not only includes these amazing sets for magical vacation photos, but a whole Harry potter section in the studio store. You will find tons of products that you would also see at places like Harry Potter New York and Universal Studios theme parks.

It’s definitely a must-have for Harry potter stans visiting SoCal. If you live in Southern California, there are also discounted tickets for just $ 57. Tours run on weekends at the moment, but will open Thursday through Monday starting July 15.

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