Award-winning writer Josephine Chia publishes her latest book

YOUNG readers are ready for an exciting journey through time with award-winning writer Josephine Chia’s new book.

Emman, Time Traveller: The Redhill Tragedy by Josephine Chia CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

In Emman, Time Traveller: The Redhill Tragedy, Chia took a story from the Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals), merging it with the modern to create an exciting adventure.

It is the adventure story of a modern boy traveling in the past. Emmanuel is at school when he receives a strange visitor. No one but Emma can see the boy, who is wearing an old-fashioned Malay outfit. When Emman approaches him, the boy telepathically speaks to him to tell him that he is the Chosen One. When Emman asks him “The one what?” the boy said, “The one who will save him.” The boy makes an urgent appeal to Emman for help; then rushes off hastily. A magic portal opens, the boy crosses it and disappears. But before leaving, the boy tells Emman to attend a lecture called “The Redhill Tragedy”.

The author likes to listen to stories and write them down. She likes to escape into the dreamlike world of writing. She has published 12 fiction and non-fiction books in the UK and Singapore. She enjoys weaving anecdotes from her kampong days, Peranakan heritage, food, yoga and Singaporean history into her stories and books.

Goodbye My Kampong is the sequel to his 2014 Singapore Literature Prize winning book, Kampong Spirit, Gotong Royong. Her debut YA fiction novel, Big Tree in a Small Pot, won the 2019 Singapore Book Awards for Best Middle/Young Adult title. She has won literary prizes and awards, both in the UK and in Singapore, and has spoken at several international writing festivals. She also mentors budding writers.

Penguin Random House SEA published Chia’s Queen of the Sky in 2019. This is her second book with the publishing house.

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