All the Frasier stars who appeared on The Simpsons (besides Kelsey Grammer)

Kelsey Grammer is well known for his roles as Dr. Frasier Crane and Sideshow Bob, but he’s not the only Frasier star to appear on The Simpsons.

Kelsey Grammer isn’t the only one fraser actor to appear in the The Simpsons – with some of his co-stars voicing guest roles that effectively parody their fraser characters. Grammer is best known for his 20-year-old portrayal of Dr. Frasier Crane, but he’s also voiced murderous Sideshow Bob since. The simpsons‘ first season. And throughout its unprecedented 32-year run, the show has reunited it with its fraser family several times.

fraser is the hugely successful spin-off of Cheers which follows the titular psychiatrist as he hosts a radio show. Trading Boston for Seattle, Frasier Crane reconnects with his family and reinvents himself as an adorably pompous celebrity. Grammer wonderfully impersonates his image as Sideshow Bob in The simpsons – debuts in “Krusty Gets Busted”, which sees the cultured intellectual cadre Krusty set for armed robbery.


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Foiled by Bart Simpson, Sideshow Bob has since returned several times, determined to take revenge. The simpsons made numerous references to fraser and its star over the years, like Homer visiting the Cheers bar with disastrous consequences. Fortunately, Grammer finds his fictional family on two more occasions, each time parodying their fraser dynamic. Meanwhile, The Simpsons’ Trip to London features a subtle but very fitting cameo from another fraser star. Here are all the Frasier stars who have appeared in The simpsons and in which episode they debuted.

David Hyde Pierce

The Simpsons: Sideshow Bob and Cecil

Winning four Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Dr. Niles Crane, David Hyde Pierce was an integral part of fraseris success. Niles was even more elite than his older brother, which made Frasier seem almost grounded in comparison. Frasier and Niles’ sibling rivalry is perfectly imitated in The simpsons Season 8’s “Brother From Another Series”. Pierce plays Cecil, Sideshow Bob’s jealous younger brother, who plans to destroy the Springfield Dam and frame the reformed Bob. Their bickering reminds of their bickering fraser for both Cecil and Bob are eloquent snobs, and Cecil’s apartment is reminiscent of Frasier Crane’s. However, the best fraser reference occurs when Bart jumps on Cecil and says, “Guess who?“- with Cecil”Married ?The response is a brilliant callback to Niles’ Invisible Woman. Pierce’s perfect performance was too good not to bring it back, and Cecil then returned in The simpsons Season 19’s “Funeral for a Fiend”, while Pierce also appeared as himself in Season 26’s “Clown in the Dumps”.

John Mahoney

The Simpsons: Funeral of a Demon

The simpsons’ The meta-casting continues in “Funeral for a Fiend”, as Mahoney reunites with Grammer and Pierce as Sideshow Bob’s father, Dr. Robert Terwilliger. On trial for another failed assassination attempt on the Simpsons, Bob represents himself and lists his father as a witness. It is revealed that both Robert and Cecil aid Bob in his plot for revenge against Bart, helping him fake his death. Although another fraser the reunion is fun, the episode never lives up to its potential. It was probably a mistake to make Sideshow Bob’s father appear as snobby as his sons instead of echoing Martin Crane’s personality in fraser. Robert could have given his sons a much-needed reality check, just like the down-to-earth Martin does for Frasier and Niles.

Jane Leeves

The Simpsons: Edwina

The Simpsons travel to London in the season 15 episode, “The Regina Monologues”, so that Abe Simpson can reunite with his long-lost flame, whom he met during World War II. the The London episode is mixed, in part because of The simpsons‘ glut of guest stars, including Ian McKellen, JK Rowling and Tony Blair. Leeves’ cameo as Edwina is one of the highlights, however, as she reunites with Abe at the end with their daughter in tow. Leeves’ role as Abe’s British ex is a fun nod to Daphne Moon, Frasier’s quirky Mancunian, completing the current list of fraser stars who have appeared in The simpsons.

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