All Magical Creatures Spotted In The Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

The reveal trailer Hogwarts Legacy dropped almost a year ago, and since then details surrounding the title have been relatively scarce. With the hype building up by the announcement, fans continued to speculate on which features they would like to see in Hogwarts Legacy. Being the first major AAA adaptation of Harry potter in nearly a decade, expectations are naturally high for the next title from Avalanche Software.

While it’s hard to glean meaningful information about the gameplay and other features of the game from the trailer, the reveal tells fans enough about the magical creatures they can expect to encounter during their stay. in the Harry potter universe.

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Abraxan (Winged horses)

Hogwarts Abraxan Heritage Mounts

Perhaps one of the most familiar magical creatures of all Harry potter are the winged horses, clearly inspired by Pegasus. In the trailer, they are shown for a few seconds as they appear to be carrying students, suggesting that they might function similarly to World of Warcraft’s flight system. Of course if Hogwarts Legacy has a fairly large open world similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 and others, it might be imperative to have flying mounts.


Acromantula Hogwarts Spiders

The infamous Acromantula is among the most intimidating of all creatures in Harry potter. They are basically giant spiders, the most famous of which was Aragog, who inhabited the Forbidden Forest on the outskirts of Hogwarts. In Hogwarts Legacy, it would be surprising if this was anything other than a common enemy, with perhaps a one-size-fits-all Acromantula as a boss fight. If that is to happen, expect the encounter to reflect the movies and descend into the Forbidden Forest.


Chinese Hogwarts Legacy Fireball

Dragons played a central role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when each champion faced off against one during the Triwizard Tournament. The one in the trailer, while slightly different from the one in the movie franchise, is likely a Chinese fireball or a Hungarian Horntail, as it is shown breathing fire during its debut in the trailer. . Since fans are already familiar with several types of dragons from the Harry potter movies, it’s probably safe to say that players will encounter a handful of different varieties, including the Swedish short muzzle and a Welsh green, but expect all of them to be some of the toughest encounters in the world. Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts Legacy Azkaban Dementors

If Acromantula wasn’t bad enough, the trailer also shows a brief photo of a group of Dementors traveling down a hallway (which looks suspiciously like Azkaban). It’s hard to imagine the Dementors being anything other than a high difficulty encounter in the game, as they literally feed off human happiness and devour people’s souls. Given that the Dementors are primarily associated with Azkaban – and the location in the trailer looks like a prison – this little reveal likely means players will be able to explore Azkaban in some way.


Graphorn Magical Beasts Hogwarts Legacy

The Graphorn is one of the few creatures that never made its debut during the original film series and instead was in the limelight in the Fantastic beasts series. If the film and the Hogwarts Legacy trailer are to be believed, the Graphorn will likely be a friendly encounter in the game. If players are pitted against a savage Graphorn, however, it will be an extremely dangerous encounter as the Graphorns naturally repel most magical spells and are out of order. absolutely enormous stature. Since Hogwarts Legacy set in the 1800s, and the Graphorn is all but extinct in the movies (set in 1926), they will likely be quite rare in the game.

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Inferi Zombie Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter

Although they may look like zombies, the Inferi are a distinct creature in Harry potter. The Inferi are corpses who have been revived using black magic and are forced to follow the orders of the wizard who cursed them. Like the Acromantula, it seems almost certain that Inferi will be a fairly common encounter in Hogwarts Legacy, especially after leaving school and venturing into the less welcoming parts of the world. Hopefully, the existence of Inferi implies the existence of a powerful dark wizard or witch who could serve as another excellent boss encounter.

Moon calf

Mooncalf Huge Eye Creatures Hogwarts Legacy

The Mooncalfs are a welcome respite from the darker and more serious creatures of Hogwarts Legacy. They are four-legged, furry creatures with webbed feet and gigantic eyes that make up the majority of their face. Again, like the Graphorn, the Mooncalf is unlikely to be a major threat in Hogwarts Legacy. Since the trailer shows a pupil feeding Mooncalves like in the Fantastic beasts movie, it’s an easy bet to say that the Mooncalves could be linked to a gathering quest in which the player gathers food for them.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Troll

A common enemy in most fantasy games, the hugely popular Troll has also been shown in the Hogwarts Legacy trailer. It was probably one of the easiest enemies to anticipate in Hogwarts Legacy because the Troll played an unforgettable role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Although the troll shown in the first film is a mountain troll, other races exist in the Harry potter universe, and players should expect to encounter at least a few different varieties, including Forest Trolls and River Trolls. Along with dragons and dementors, trolls will likely be a tough fight.

Boggart and Thestral (maybe)

Hogwarts Legacy Easter Egg Creatures

While these two creatures might be in the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, they are not strictly displayed. The true form of a Boggart has never been seen, so it’s possible that the short clip of a student turning a wardrobe into some kind of mannequin is an example of the Riddikulus charm that forces them to take non-threatening form. The other creature that can be seen without actually being seen is a Thestral which is invisible unless the observer has witnessed death before. It is possible that a Thestral draws the flying cart shown at the start of the trailer.

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