Aberdeen City Center Harry Potter Magic Month Events October 2021

As part of Downtown Magic Month 2021, local businesses are having special sales, activities, and even Harry Potter-themed food.

Including a few that are not downtown.

Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by JK Rowling. Popular books have also been adapted for cinema.

The idea for Magic Month arose about three years ago when the first event was held, according to Candace Briscoe, one of the organizers. This year’s Magic Month is the most important yet, at least according to the number of participating companies.

Each participating store has its own promotions or activities. Upon completion, participants receive points on their Magic Month brochures, which can be redeemed at participating businesses.

Briscoe said this year there are 17 participating locations.

“We tried to figure out how we could put everything on the flyer this year, so it was kind of a nice event,” she said.

The Downtown Month of Magic is back in Aberdeen this year.

Participating stores include:

  • Colorful creations.
  • Karisma store.
  • Unravel: Escape Room.
  • CJ’s pastry.
  • Aberdeen Area Arts Council.
  • Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga.
  • Pinned workshop.
  • Appoise.
  • The market in the square.
  • Three22.
  • Avoided Entertainment.
  • Western Oak.
  • Aberdeen Region Humanitarian Society.
  • Photograph by Erinn.
  • Beauty Health and Wellness Center profiling.
  • Shoe science.
  • The Briscoe building.

A full list of specials, games and activities can be found in the Magic Month brochures and can be found online on the Downtown Magic Month Facebook page.

At Three22, there will be Harry Potter-themed food, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic “potions”, Hogsmead pies, and Mrs. Weasley’s corned beef bruschetta.

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A homemade mandrake plant at CJ Pastry.

There will also be one mural by number installed by the Aberdeen Area Arts Center. This mural will feature a Harry Potter theme with a mix of Storybook Land scenes.

For small purchases and games, participants receive 10 points. Participation in courses and events is worth 20 points.

“We started with an idea of ​​how it was going to be and it was completely different, and so now that we’re in our third year, I think we’ve got our pace a little bit more,” said Briscoe.

She said people were starting to expect the event to happen every year and sometimes asked about it.

While points are earned with purchases, Briscoe and the other event planners want to keep things fair by offering points for donations to the Aberdeen Area Humane Society.

“If a person can’t buy things, what we did was for the Humane Society. If they visit, volunteer their time there, help with the cleanup and that sort of thing, that can also count towards points, ”said Briscoe.

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Each participant also receives their own Hogwarts house, which is again based on the Harry Potter book series. Local Hogwarts houses include Karisma, Fit and Fire Studios, CJ’s Patisserie, and Pinned Workshop. Briscoe said some Harry Potter fans may already know which Hogwarts houses they belong to.

Participants must submit their score sheets by November 2nd. There will be an overall grand prize and a prize for each individual home, Briscoe said.

Participants can bring point sheets to the Briscoe Building, 224 First Ave. SE, or can take a photo of the brochure and send it via Facebook Messenger to the Downtown Month of Magic page.

Trent Abrego Business Journalist

As the monthly program evolved, Briscoe noticed a change in the age of the participants.

“The year we first did it, we really based it on the kids, but since there are people who grew up with Harry Potter. The adults were getting into it just as much, ”she said. “Their parents were doing it because they were watching alongside their children. It’s kinda funny, it’s a good idea because it really crosses a lot of generations.

Magic Month activities run until October 30.

“I think it’s really cool to see how many companies come together and do this… A little proud, we have a really good business community in Aberdeen,” said Briscoe.

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