A strange optical illusion confuses JK Rowling

An optical illusion that claims to show a fish or a mermaid has confused everyone because it appears to be something else.

An optical illusion that claims to show a fish or a mermaid has just about everyone confused.

The viral photo was posted by celebrities including JK Rowling who seemed puzzled by the illusion.

“If you have the right brain, you will see a fish. If you’re left-brained, you’ll see a mermaid,” the puzzle caption reads.

But the author of Harry Potter did not believe it.

“He’s an ass though,” she posted on Twitter.

Former NBA star Rex Chapman also spoke out, saying he saw a “horse” in the image.

English comedian David Baddiel joked about seeing a ‘poorly tied rubbish bag’, although he later confirmed: ‘Yes, obviously it’s a donkey. Obviously.”

The brain contains two hemispheres that each perform different roles.

If you are right-brained, you are said to be more creative, reflective, subjective, and intuitive.

But the downsides are that you’re also probably more spontaneous, unpredictable, and in some cases not very good with other people.

Meanwhile, left-brained people are more analytical, logical, and methodical in their thinking.

A negative point, however, is that they can sometimes be less emotionally open than right-brained people.

According to the illusion, those who see the fish are right-brained, while those who see a mermaid are more likely to be left-brained.

In the comments section for the illusion, which was shared on TikTok, many people were quick to admit that they found it easier to see a seal and a donkey’s head than a fish and a mermaid.

These are the latest optical illusions to go viral on Twitter.

Recently, a seemingly X-rated optical illusion sent Reddit users into a frenzy.

The dodgy image created a rather unfortunate shape as viewers all thought the same gross thing.

However, the photo turned out to be innocent, showing two muscular legs next to each other.

Meanwhile, a photo of a cat walking down a flight of stairs has sparked debate.

The grayscale image shared by The Minds Journal, which first went viral in 2015, depicts a cat on a staircase.

However you see the cat walking, it exposes your approach to life, according to a new analysis.

If you think the cat climbs the stairs, chances are you have an optimistic outlook on life.

If you watched the cat descend the stairs, you have a pessimistic and skeptical personality.

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