A Fantastic Beasts Fan Theory Brings The Wizarding World Into WWII

A fan theory about Dumbledore’s Secrets suggests that main villain Grindelwald may be forming an alliance with a notorious historical figure.

Harry Potter has always operated somewhat removed from the real world, with the secret wizarding world doing its best to stay out of Muggle business in the mundane world. But that might not always have been the case, especially according to a prediction for the franchise’s next cinematic entry.

A fan theory about Grindelwald – the central villain of the fantastic beasts and where to find them series, including the next Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets – suggests that the Dark Magician will drag the franchise into World War II by becoming a definite ally of the Nazi German.

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At the heart of the fantastic beasts and where to find them series is the conflict between Dumbledore and his former flame, Grindelwald. The battle of the two has already had a ripple effect on the wizarding world, but their conflict may soon take on a geopolitical level. The theory of Reddit user EquivalentInflation argues that Grindelwald may end up working with the Nazi Party before its eventual defeat. Grindlewald was established as a hateful wizard, trying to avoid conflict between the wizarding community and the rest of humanity. It is an ideology that is clearly modeled on the ideals of supremacy at the heart of fascist forces, such as those the Nazi Party propagated in the years before and during World War II. The timing would work, as the events of the series take place in the 1920s, as World War II began in earnest in 1939.

Over the next decade, the Nazi Party gained power and authority in Germany. The theory suggests that Grindlewald may be partly responsible for their rise. Grindelwald seems aware of a coming conflict in the world, sharing visions of European war in The Crimes of Grindelwald. The theory notes that with this knowledge, Grindelwald could approach Adolf Hitler and offer an alliance – with the ambitious and ruthless despots of Austrian descent finding a match in each other. Using his magic, Grindlewald could offer his support to a young Hitler as he accumulates power, setting the stage for atrocities committed by the Nazi Party. Not only would an emboldened Germany cause enough conflict to force witches and wizards into action, but Grindlewald could also use the chaos to target rivals for power.

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The theory suggests that Grindlewald may continue to see a potential ally in Germany, using the Muggle military offensive to target unprepared witches and wizards across the continent. Their general inexperience with muggle technology would likely leave witches and wizards vulnerable to surprise attacks. As the theory explains, “although wizards might protect their homes from apparitions, they would never think of protecting them from an air raid.” This could result in a weakened state of the wizarding world which Grindlewald could then use to his advantage as part of his plans to amass power across the wizarding world – effectively wiping out many enemies while vindicating his own terrifying plans to crush Muggles. prevent their violent intentions.

There’s even precedent for this turn from the original novels. Memorial to Dumbledore’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows note that Dumbledore and Grindlewald’s conflict ended in 1945, which was also the year the Nazi Party was defeated and the war in Europe ended. Grindlewald’s defeat could rob the Nazi Party of the help they received from the wizard, explaining how he was then quickly defeated in less than a year. It’s an interesting idea, and one that reflects the eventual dark path that Grindlewald has embarked on – potentially even making its similarities to the historical behemoth literal.

Dumbledore’s Secrets is slated for release on April 15, 2022.

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