9 ways the Sorcerer’s Stone is actually a Christmas movie

The holidays have a reputation for being the most magical time of the year, and there is probably no better place to experience this notion than the Wizarding World. Although there are certainly many opponents of the Harry potter the show’s status as Christmas movies, that doesn’t preclude fans from their annual viewings.

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Harry’s first adventure into the world of Hogwarts, wizards, and magic spells is a particular favorite this time of year, but many casual viewers wonder why. Although Christmas has no place in the title of the film, The sorcerer’s stone comes with many traditional elements found in other films in the genre, some even worthy of a Hallmark movie.


It displays a traditional Christmas in full

Harry potter christmas

To eliminate the most obvious factor, the Christmas morning scene from the first film is certainly one of the most emotionally magical for Harry and the audience. Not only does the cozy Gryffindor Common Room look like the best place in the entire castle to spend the start of the day, it has everything one would expect from a magical Christmas card.

What really lands the scene is Harry’s reaction to having what is more than likely his first real Christmas party. The fact that he’s so surprised to have gifts under this tree is guaranteed to pull some chords.

Traditional holiday imagery

harry potter and the wizards stone - non christmas cropped

Technically, that could be said for most of the movies in the series, but it’s more important in the first movie. Even though Wizards and Wands were taken out of the equation completely, the movie is absolutely loaded with various elements found in all mainstream holiday movies.

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There are kids coming together to open gifts, whimsical winter showers outside, and elaborate festivities taking place all over Hogwarts grounds. Take away the castle, and these are all examples of images that can be found in a legion of traditional films, from A Christmas Carol at Christmas holidays.

Special attention is paid to the season

Another element the sorcerer’s stone sharing with other holiday movies is the literal visual attention to the whereabouts of the Christmas season. Much of this is Chris Columbus’ cinematic choice, but the fact that deliberate attention is paid to moving from season to season is a very familiar visual.

Such examples can be seen in Christmas holidays and A Christmas story, but not as fast. The transition of events with Fluffy to Hagrid hanging out in a Christmas tree accompanied by a festive score, ushers in the holidays and something that doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Hogwarts is extra festive

While this can unmistakably be considered something that is seen in all Harry potter movies, but the attention paid to Hogwarts in winter seems quite worthy of a Christmas card. Snow falling to the ground as the holiday decorating unfolds, twinkling lights, and festive illusions are sure to put any wizard on the mind.

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Granted, not all Christmas movies need to be set in winter, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t become the norm for many. Images of a snow-capped castle, magical student sleds and Harry standing in the field with his trusty owl, Hedwig, are scenes fans have associated with the holiday season for years, and it is easy to understand why.


Hogwarts party

No real Christmas could be complete without loads of wonderful things to eat, and Hogwarts is certainly no exception. Even before the holidays, the Great Hall is rarely seen without banquet tables full of delicious, magical meals and special wizarding world foods that can even make Muggles mouth water.

There’s no way viewers can watch some of these holidays without thinking of Thanksgiving or Christmas, especially with the roast turkeys and pies galore that adorn tables as often as they do.

The use of magic

A Harry potter a movie without magic is like a Star wars movie without the use of the Force, but that doesn’t mean that magic isn’t a prominent feature in most holiday movies. From the Rankin / Bass classics of the ’60s to even newer films like Krampus, magic is an element that almost always appears literally or metaphorically in Christmas movies.

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Aside from the typical student and faculty charms and spells, the magic that fills Hogwarts to the literal ceiling at this time of year is absolutely inspiring. An indoor snowfall greeting students in the Great Hall, levitating Christmas decorations, and even a group of ghostly singers wandering the halls are just a few magical moments seen during the season.

It is based on the grounds of unity, friendship and conviviality

Harry, Ron and Hermione leave Hogwarts at the end of The Philosopher's Stone

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Christmas is a time to be with family, friends, and to experience the warmth and joy of just being together, but so too is it. Harry potter movies like The sorcerer’s stone. The motifs are more present in the first film than in the rest of the series, simply because this is the first time Harry has experienced these things since his adoption by the Dursleys.

The best example of this emotional effect is probably best illustrated by Harry’s reaction to receiving Christmas presents. It’s not just the look of surprise on his face, but the fact that he even has to ask if he’s getting any presents. Additionally, the fact that Ron chose to stay with him rather than be with his family with dragons in Romania is an act of kindness and friendship that neither goes unnoticed nor appreciated.

The emotional angle

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie originally ran for 3 hours

Jumping from the previous statement, one thing any fan of the Wizarding World can agree on is that there is a certain emotional element that saturates all eight films, but the former was easily the catalyst. It’s that same emotional swell that fills countless movies on air and in theaters this time of year, which is exactly why movies like The sorcerer’s stone must be seen in the same spirit.

The feeling of escaping to the sacred halls of Hogwarts Castle, being with friends, and sharing a magical season together is what makes Harry’s first adventure such a beloved holiday pastime. It’s more than just the tree, the snow and the magical charm, it’s something that brings all of these elements together with a loving warmth that is keenly felt at Christmas and continues to make it a traditional viewing for thousands. of fans.

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