8 Scary Fan Theories About The Golden Trio, According To Ranker

The dark and sometimes questionable story of Harry Potter’s beloved director has been uncovered in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. Fans thrive on this era as their favorite series continues to gain cinematic insight into what shaped the wizarding world. As in any society, morality is questioned and relationships are doomed to success or destruction.

The Harry Potter The franchise has matured since the first book was released in 1997. Since then, fans have discovered more sinister storylines and characters with far more depth than they first seemed. Now that even Dumbledore, a revered icon in the wizarding world, has revealed secrets, Harry Potter Ranker fans are emerging with some dark and chilling theories that call into question the integrity of the Golden Trio.

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8 Harry was Voldemort from the start

Harry Potter vs. Voldemort poster.

Redditor FriendsCallMeA suggests an intense dramatization where Voldemort executed a plan to kill Harry and impersonate him in order to gain immortality. It’s repeated in the book that Harry and Voldemort have an odd amount of similarities, and this Reddit user claims it’s because Harry is the Dark Lord in the flesh. He is said to have killed the baby Potter and bound himself to his body through Horcrux-like dark magic.

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Every scheme Voldemort would have played in this position by impersonating “The Boy Who Lived” would have been for political and societal purposes. The Redditor claimed that he would have acquired the Philosopher’s Stone in the first book, achieving his first goal. After that, “Harry Riddle” was just playing around with people and testing the waters to see which of his characters would have the best following/chance to succeed.

seven Dumbledore is Ron from the future

Harry Potter The Real Reason Dumbledore Made Ron a Prefect

A more common theory among fans is that Ron is actually Dumbledore who traveled back in time to orchestrate his friend’s success as “the chosen one”. Redditor greenfingers559 offers an in-depth analysis that compares Ron and Dumbledore’s appearances, speech patterns, and preferences, showing many similarities.

Fans know that JK Rowling is one to create a plot long before it’s revealed. Fan-found “coincidences” that include Ron and Dumbledore having the same scars, the same favorite sweets, and the abundance of woolen socks have been details scattered throughout the series. It also solves the mystery of how Dumbledore always knew what everyone else was doing because he had experienced it before.

6 Ron used the Imperius curse on Hermione

Hermione and Ron reading from Harry Potter

Ron and Hermione share some of the franchise‘s most romantic quotes that really built the suspense and depth of their connection. Redditor EmperorDeathBunny claims that everything leading up to their relationship was a lie that was fabricated by the cunning, jealous, and abusive Weasley.

This theory (which is entirely based on the movies) highlights the fact that Ron had never treated Hermione well and more often than not, he would completely ignore her feelings. Through extensive research, the theory has compelling points that portray Ron as the villain who was motivated to groom and control Hermione using the Imperius Curse. This would explain some of his darker actions and insecurities that are displayed on screen.

5 Harry’s grandparents were also killed by Voldemort

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban

The Harry Potter books are filled to the brim with twists and turns that keep audiences hooked. A huge, unconfirmed twist has been offered by Redditor PopsicleIncorporated that involves the likelihood that Harry’s maternal grandparents were killed by Voldemort. As a couple in their mid-fifties who loved having a witch for a daughter, they would have been much better suited as parents than the Dursleys.

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JK Rowling was either just determined that Harry had the difficult character development he did in his abusive home, or his grandparents were never an option. The theory proposes that in the ensuing chaos while the Dark Lord hunted down the Potters, the Evanses were tortured and killed in an attempt to find them. This possibility also explains why Petunia had such a strong hatred for Lily, even after her death.

4 Dumbledore fabricated Ron and Hermione’s friendship with Harry

New Harry Potter book covers show updated looks of Harry, Ron and Hermione

Dumbledore in particular has had many quotes that credit him as the author of the most important events in the series. He has an edge when it comes to understanding the man Harry will need to become and how to help him evolve into “the chosen one”. Redditor CollectandRun has a theory that Dumbledore knew all along how influential and necessary Ron and Hermione’s friendship with Harry would be later on.

The theory states that Dumbledore planned various schemes, such as sending Hagrid and Harry to the train station to meet the usually deceased Weasley family, and also making sure the three had all classes together. Ron and Hermione shared something closer to a parental relationship with Harry than he had ever had before, from learning games with Ron to being nagged by Hermione for studying. Dumbledore would have known that their love and friendship would save Harry’s life many times over.

3 Dumbledore wanted Harry to develop an Obscurus

This theory unearthed by Redditor synchrodan delves into the possibility that Dumbledore, intent on protecting Harry from Voldemort, tried to place him in an environment where he would develop an Obscurus. When he sent the baby to his aunt and uncles with a letter telling him to explain his magical abilities one day and the Dursleys complied, fear and shame would have fueled the perfect blend of an Obscurus in Potter’s youth.

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It is assumed that in 1991 in the timeline, Dumbledore and Scamander had already discovered the cure for an Obscurus many years before. If Harry had formed the Death Shield of wayward magic, he would have been safe from the Dursleys and Voldemort if he had returned to power before Harry went to Hogwarts.

2 Harry wasn’t saved from the Killing Curse by his mother’s magic, but rather killed and resurrected by the Hallows

There are many opinions about Lily Potter and her husband, but fans can’t deny the power that stems from the love she had for Harry. Redditor WippitGuud acknowledges his influence but argues that when Harry let Voldemort defeat him in the Deathly Hallows, he was resurrected by the Hallows and not Lily’s protection.

The most compelling evidence for this theory is the fact that Harry’s body would have had to be completely destroyed in order for the Horcrux within him to be eradicated. Because he was the master of all relics at the time of his death, once he arrived at King’s Cross Station in his mind, he had the option of choosing death or continuing the fight. Luckily for the wizarding world, Harry returned loyally and completed what he had been prophesied to do from the start.

1 The Dementors were interested in Harry because he had more than a soul

Throughout the films and books, Harry had a natural tendency to attract the darker beings of the wizarding world, including Dementors. He is Harry Potter canon that due to all the trauma and sadness he went through in his youth, dementors are more attracted to him than other characters. A Reddit user had an additional, simple theory.

Dementors feast on the souls of their victims, and thanks to Voldemort, Harry had more souls than any normal human. The theory is that from the day he beat Voldemort in his debut, Harry Potter has become a walking buffet for dementors who would like “more souls for the price of one”, as the user summed it up.

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