8 reasons why a Harry Potter marathon can be justified at any age

A Harry Potter Marathon is a lot of fun – there is something for everyone here, no matter what your age. Even if you haven’t read the novels, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy this timeless tale.

There are several compelling reasons to watch a Harry Potter Marathon. It was the series that essentially changed the way we view movies and TV shows. The Harry Potter series was entertaining, but it was also revolutionary in portraying complicated characters in a simple “follow the story” way. People of all ages are currently watching Harry Potter movies and episodes.

I’d rather have these eight reasons why a Harry Potter Marathon is suitable for people of all ages, as listed below:

For starters, the films are quite endearing and can transport the viewer to another planet for many hours. We’ve learned to care about these characters so much that they almost look like real people. It’s almost like you reunite with old acquaintances after multiple views. We felt like we were there with them when they had a happy or sad experience.

Subplots are very popular among readers, viewers, and audiences. When the storyline is over, the story doesn’t end suddenly. This often leads to speculation and assumptions about what might have happened if the story had lasted longer.

Most of the time, the Harry Potter plot hints at an ancient and complex event that happened a long time ago (Godric Hollow Murders). Many of the characters in the story have different (and often contradictory) memories of it. Several other minor subplots relate to Potter’s death, like that of Peter Pettigrew, that of Sirius Black, that of Albus Dumbledore, that of Sybill Trelawney, etc. Actors who string together various stories to produce a cohesive plot are very popular with audiences.

JKRowling spells out the rules clearly and decisively, entangling the public in the regulations. She rarely deviates from the norm (although she did in this story), leaving the listener to feel that she is doing the same with insight.

And besides, the fantastic visuals, the spellcasters roaming the screens, the people fighting with magical weapons and colorful strikes, and the disappearing individuals are all things a person loves to see. They are stimulating and engaging, with personalities who can be identified with the viewers they are intended for. They feature excellent film music as well as excellent special effects. They have darker and more depressing scenes.

Because the films portrayed the protagonists growing up from young children to emerging teens, some audiences got the chance to experience their growth with them. Since their favorite characters were growing up and becoming adults simultaneously, it may have made some young viewers feel less afraid of growing up and becoming adults.

Each subsequent image could leverage the universe even further than the last, including new characters and concepts. It also added to the feeling of being transported to another universe every time we witnessed it.

Movies also give viewers a sense of optimism, letting us see that no matter how good or bad a situation gets, there has to be a chance it will improve.

To relax and improve our morale, sometimes we need to enjoy some little fantasies. Every time we watch the Harry Potter movies we are transported to another universe. It’s not just that the main character is problem free, but maybe the way he approaches issues with a positive attitude is admirable.

Other than that, it’s a fantastic tale with everything you could possibly want. Suspense, love, mystery, thrills, tempo and MAGIC come together in this film.

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