8 Hunter X Hunter Characters Smarter Than Hermione Granger

Harry Potter fans have long pondered what its story and world would look like if it were an anime. Although not the first series that comes to mind in terms of similarities, both Hunter X Hunter and Harry Potter are beloved franchises with diverse, interesting, and beloved casts.

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One of Harry PotterThe main characters of Hermione Granger are well known for their intelligence. She is still at the top of her class at Hogwarts and has helped Harry and Ron out of tough situations with her extensive knowledge of all things magic. However, it has its limitations and flaws, and there are many characters in Hunter X Hunter that surpass his cognitive talents.

8 Appearance of Biscuit Krueger can be deceiving

Biscuit Krueger is a double-star stone hunter who relied as much on her wits as she did on her strength to be a successful hunter. She becomes Gon and Killua’s mentor during the Greed Island arc. As a teacher, she is very knowledgeable about all things Nen and knows how to help her students grow and succeed.

While Hermione is good at studies, Biscuit’s intelligence lies in her ability to work with others to get what she wants. She uses her cute and innocent appearance to gather information and bring down her opponents.

seven Killua Zoldyck thinks fast in combat

Although he is very young, Killua Zoldyck is incredibly intelligent and uses this to his advantage in battle. Unlike Hermione, whose intelligence doesn’t necessarily translate well to strength in the heat of battle, Killua can think quickly and instantly analyze various types of situations, often giving him the upper hand in fights.

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His upbringing in a family of elite assassins subjected him to rigorous mental training in addition to his extreme physical training. As a result, he is very logical, emotionally mature, and knowledgeable in many killing techniques.

6 Kurapika is a skilled strategist driven by revenge

Kurapika is very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. Compared to Gon and Killua, he has a better understanding of how the world and society work. Like Hermione, he understands that knowledge is power. However, he takes it to the next level, driven by an irresistible desire for revenge.

Kurapika sets out to get his Hunter license to get information on the Phantom Troupe, the gang of thieves who massacred his clan. During the Yorknew City arc, he proves to be a talented strategist in his efforts to avenge the murder of his family.

5 Komugi is the best Gungi player in the world

Introduced during the Chimera Ant arc, Komugi is the world champion of Gungi, a strategy-based board game. Despite her young age, Komugi is a genius when it comes to Gungi, and she can imagine the board and various intricate moves in her head. Being blind, this feat is all the more impressive.

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Although Hermione is probably more knowledgeable on more subjects, her mastery of any subject doesn’t come close to Komugi’s mastery over Gungi. Even Meruem, the super smart king of the Chimera Ants, fails to beat Komugi in a match.

4 Hisoka Morow is cunning and chaotic

With the elastic quality of his Nen and his characteristic creepiness, Hisoka Morow is a particularly formidable opponent. However, what makes him perhaps most dangerous is the fact that he is incredibly intelligent.

Hisoka is extremely cunning and maintains a hard-to-read demeanor, which gives him an edge in battle. As a master of manipulation and chaos, he has no qualms about using or killing others. With his disturbing and unpredictable behavior, he weaponizes his intelligence in a way that more morally righteous characters like Hermione cannot.

3 Chrollo Lucilfer is a natural leader and strategist

As the leader of the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Lucilfer is incredibly intelligent and often ponders philosophical questions. Hailing from Meteor City, a city of poverty and waste, he formed the Phantom Troupe, a gang of highly skilled thieves and killers.

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Chrollo is a natural leader and master strategist, leading the troupe to fame and notoriety by choreographing impressive feats of theft and murder. His ability to manipulate others, combined with his genius intellect and affinity for strategizing, put him far out of Hermione’s league in terms of mental abilities.

2 Isaac Netero is wise and spiritually intelligent

As president of the hunters association, Isaac Netero is one of the strongest and smartest hunters in the world. Based on age and experience alone, Netero far outperforms Hermione in every category. He’s much closer to Dumbledore, all things considered.

Their age difference aside, Hermione is smart when it comes to books and generally doesn’t see the value in other forms of intelligence. On the other hand, aside from being incredibly knowledgeable about many things, Netero is also very spiritually intelligent, as he finds strength in prayer and meditation.

1 Meruem was born to lead the world

Raised to be king of the chimera ants and ruler of the world, Meruem possesses a level of intelligence, ability to learn, and physical strength that far exceeds that of most humans, including Hermione. He emerges from his bag able to speak and fight, and during the 40 days he is alive, he experiences exponential mental growth.

As a leader born to be a leader, Meruem is naturally a strategic genius. He is able to master strategy-based board games after only playing several matches, quickly defeating the top champion in every game except Komugi.

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